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Putting the Book Back in eBook

TwistBook is an eReader with not 1 but 2 eInk screens connected by a flexible binding to mimic the familiar split of paper books. The bisected shape is perfect for protecting the dual screens and can be easily collapsed to throw in a bag or backpack. For enhanced personalization, users can customize their TwistBook by applying photos or art directly to the printable outside and inside covers. Desi
High-rise Escape

It is a situation that you never want to get stuck in, but should the need arise, then hopefully this Fire Alarm and Escape Box for High-rise Building will bail you out. Essentially this box integrates escape equipment for high floors and places it next to the windows and enclosure wall at each floor. The system is equipped with cloud alarm system, fire extinguishers, Descending Escape Vest DEV an
Round And Straight Lines Are Best!

Attention Designers! Your need to draw the perfect curve using a ruler is now easier thanks to the Compasses Ruler. The design is self-explanatory so I’m just going to applaud the fact that doing geometric stuff is getting neater by the day! What do you say? Compasses Ruler is a IDEA 2013 Finalist entry. Designers: Hyejin-Lee & Youngkwang-Hyun – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore won
Tablet to the Rescue

Designed for firefighting teams, the Command Goal tablet-system aims to ease the management of emergency fire situations on-the-spot. An incredible improvement from ineffective white-board techniques, the device displays an accurate, constantly updated representation of the fire zone to aid in resource management and inter-departmental information sharing. A comprehensive visual map and improved c
The Sports Car of SUVs

Now here’s a crossover we can get behind! The Audi concept sports a sleek yet muscular physique in proper SUV proportions. But with its short rake, lower height and shorter length, it’s designed to tackle urban traffic more than grapple the off-road. It would be a shame, after all, to muddy such a posh interior. Designer: Bolun Wang – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful conce