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Make Gir (from “Invader Zim”) using 123D Design

Gir is one of my favorite characters of all time! It doesn’t matter if it’s the worst sidekick ever, but “Invader Zim” wouldn’t be the same without this burritos lover and mayhem maker. I always wanted to build a Gir. Maybe one day I will make it with trash. But first, I built it using 123D Design …By: M.C. LangerContinue Reading »

Film Canister Flashlight

This film canister flashlight was more fun to build then an Altoids flashlight and feels so much more comfortable in our hands. Don’t get us wrong, the Altoids tins are great. We just love the handiness of this little guy and no metal shavings when you drill into it!. We had it out by the pool as a …By: Cats Science ClubContinue Reading »

Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

During strawberry season, there’s nothing better than strawberry shortcake!  This recipe is quick, easy, and helps fantastic peak-of-summer strawberries look and taste their best.  And remember that fresh, top-quality ingredients are key to a truly memorable strawberry shortcake. Strawberries: …By: canidaContinue Reading »


PC Tools

A miscellaneous collection of PC building tools null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null …By: dmathes1Continue Reading »
Easy Kids Golf Club

Monkey see Monkey do! Recently, I starting getting back into golf after at least 10 years since I have played regularly back in high school (I can thank my new boss for that.) After hitting some balls in the yard I WANTED MORE! I loaded up the car with my wife, 2.5 year old son and 4 month old son a…By: jhayden4Continue Reading »
Concrete Leaves for Gardens or Fountains

This instructable is on behalf of Madeline Werner, the caster of these lovely leaves.  Being inbetween jobs, I have the time (and inclination) to do it!   We hope you enjoy our first instructable.  Feedback welcome. ( : Materials needed: -Large, fresh, veiny leaves such as rhubarb (don’t worry if …By: sharonnah59Continue Reading »
Purple Squirrel Breadboard Power Supply Kit

This instructable will detail how to assemble the open source Purple Squirrel Bread Board Power Supply Kit; a small & simple kit for providing 5V and 3.3V power to your projects. This project is suitable for beginners. Some soldering tools are necessary but even if you’ve never soldered before this…By: Purple SquirrelContinue Reading »
Re-heading an atabaque

This is a follow up to [how to make an atabaque from a to z] and shows one way of replacing the skin (re-heading) with minimum fuss. My atabaque was built with that neat feature from the start: a single piece of rope that can be easily undone to disconnect the tensioning ring and the ropework, allo…By: malucoContinue Reading »
How to make a G.I. Joe “Snake Eyes” costume

Silent… but deadly…  I’m talkin’ bout snake eyes. ‘nuff said! Materials: -Black Balaclava (motorcycle mask) -black long sleeve shirt -black pants -black military boots -samurai sword -red craft foam -plexi-glass (home depot) -2 spice caps -magnetic computer bag -black gloves -toy gun -c…By: SpicyPandaCreationsContinue Reading »
How to make a DC’s “Darkseid” costume

Ruler of Apokolips, a$$ kicker of Superman, siege of the universe.. Darkseid means business! *Cosplayer is also cosplayer from the Thing costume  http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Thing-costume/ Materials: -Blue fabric -boots -cardboard -plastic masquerade mask -Bondo (home depot…By: SpicyPandaCreationsContinue Reading »
Animal Volcano

Step 1 build a hole 5 blocks deep Step2 add animals Step 3 add water Watch them fly! By: lcantrell1Continue Reading »
Pogue Pool Spa Replacement Pumps

Check out http://www.poguepoolspa.com nd connect with Pogue Pool and Spa Parts to get quality swimming pool chemicals, pool pumps, spa pump replacement parts, automatic pool cleaners and more at dis countable rates. We provide all the major brands in the industry including Pentair, Jandy, Polaris, S…By: poguepool253Continue Reading »
“My Jeep Needs to Vent!” or “A Little Hot Under the Hood, Eh?” – Part 1

This is my short DIY way of dealing with hot temperatures under the hood of my Jeep TJ.  A common problem with older model Jeeps, it can lead to premature electrical and mechanical engine component failure. (I’ve already burned through a couple ignition coils and it’s stranded me from a failed CPS …By: rizingf3nixContinue Reading »
How to build a desktop soldering station

Here is a very useful tool to use if you want to be able to not only solder places other than a work shop but also if you need a way for items being soldered to be held in place for a optimal soldering job. Gathering the supplies and tools Tools: – a tape measure or ruler – a Philips screw drive…By: zelda81596Continue Reading »
Arm Extender – Homemade Prosthetic Arm for Outdoor Activities

This is a low-cost prosthetic device I made to help me do more outdoor activities. By: Muskrat-JimContinue Reading »
How To Make Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Hello there! Today I was putting salt into my hand sanitizer so it would be gritty. I needed something to get things off my hands better. Then, it turned to liquid after I shook it up… I thought, “What the heck did I just do?!?!” So I made another batch to show on the instructables world! Mate…By: PaugambiContinue Reading »
Domino’s Pizza Box Airplane $35

Ever wondered what you could do with your old pizza box..?  This is an easy step by step guide on how to build your own airplane from an old pizza box! It was a project I did one evening to show what can be achieved with such basic materials with a very low budget, roughly $35 (excluding radio cont…By: Darren LewisContinue Reading »
Knex Topless Jeep Wrangler

Hey guys!  This is my first instructable and I think I did a fairly good job and I had a lot of fun building this!  I love jeeps and I do personally drive a jeep.  Please, by all means I would love to see you guys make some mods to this, bigger tires, better interior, add suspension which i will ho…By: SkwylarContinue Reading »
5 minute chicken salad

And by salad I mean it! there a veggies in there. I’m into cucumber overload right now, so everything I make has some of it. Grab your food processor, mandolin,  some leftover chicken and lets go. Ingredients: – 1 leftover grilled chicken breast – 1 cucumber cut in half –  Half a red onion – 1 sl…By: nadialtbrContinue Reading »
How To Make A Duct Tape Flower Pen

Things you’ll need An xacto knife or scissors Green duct tape Blue duct tape (or whatever color you want the petals to be) A plain pen Cut about 20 strips of blue tape that are about 2 inches long. Get one of your 2 inch strips and fold the bottom left corner up and leave about half a cent…By: beme2013Continue Reading »


Batik tablecloth

Recently, I spent some time at my parents’ home. And as it was raining a lot – in that area it rains too much! – I couldn’t spend as much time in the garden as planned… What  luck, my mother had some old tablecloths she wanted to throw out due to spots and stains which couldn’t be washed out anymo…By: lalakenneContinue Reading »
De-Stink Musty Fabric With Baking Soda

The problem: This ancient uniform cap got musty/cheesy from sitting in a dark closet for years. The complication: I think it’s made of wool and maybe cardboard so washing might wreck it. The solution: Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) It’s really amazing stuff. Keep some of it handy in case you spill…By: snottyContinue Reading »
Adjustable Depth Stop for the Bandsaw Sled

Here’s a simple jig for setting the depth of cut on a bandsaw sled. This is analogous to changing the height of the blade on a tablesaw. Using this jig, you can make short slots, tenons, and even cross laps on the bandsaw. I couldn’t figure out how to do a Video Instructable. Yeah, that’s embarras…By: klee27xContinue Reading »
How to make a small mail shelf

My wife and I needed something to hold our mail, keys, and sunglasses by our front door In this video. So I came up with this little mail shelf. Very simple and basic. I didn’t have to buy anything for it because I had some scrap pine laying around the garage. I also had the stain from a previous …By: WildmanProjectContinue Reading »
Easy Rebuildable PVC Fort

Introduction: Forts are fun. My kids even like them! Forts are often time consuming to build and keep together, especially with a 2 year old Monster helping. This Super easy PVC fort can be built in under 10 minutes. It is so easy that I don’t feel bad taking it down after the kids go to bed and pu…By: shippityboppityContinue Reading »
Impossible Marble in Truncated Cube

This project was inspired by a youtube video, I did not come up with the idea myself. I did come up with the shape and the method to cut it. This turned out to involve more interesting math and woodworking problems than I had expected! If you want to make one yourself, you will need: -Wood (prefer…By: thegnome54Continue Reading »
How to make molds with Amazing Mold Putty

Amazing Mold Putty is a two-part 1 to 1 mix ratio silicone putty.  It’s easy to use and allows you to make a flexible rubber mold in minutes. Amazing Mold Putty is compatible with the Amazing Casting Resin and Clear Cast Resin. It’s FDA complaint, therefore can be used to mold chocolate, candy, butt…By: AlumiliteCorpContinue Reading »
Quick & Fun Engineering Projects

These mini projects are designed to add flexibility to your repertoire of lesson plans. Each project requires almost no preparation, can be quickly explained, and uses minimal materials. It’s perfect for engaging a student who finishes his or her main project very early, or conduct several of these …By: WYE_LanceContinue Reading »
Make a mold of a real fish!

Ever wonder how you could make a custom lure by molding an actual fish and then adding features to make it your own? This video takes you through step-by-step as we make a mold from a dead gizzard shad found at the boat landing.  We then work on adding the features to give it the desired action in t…By: AlumiliteCorpContinue Reading »
How to Rasp a Fishing Lure out of Resin

Rasping or carving lures out of resin is one technique for creating custom lures.  This video follows Kelly Bennett through the process of pouring Alumilite resin into the general shape of a lure, then rasping it down to the desired detail. Kelly has fine-tuned this process, which has allowed him to…By: AlumiliteCorpContinue Reading »
How to clone blocks in minecraft pe!

this is a really neat trick you can do with blocks in minecraft pe.this is a legit tutorial, since i will be doing it in survival.dont forget to comment,favorite,and follow!it also works in 0.7.3 materials block of your choice, and an empty chest. item get the item you want to clone in the che…By: funnyfun342Continue Reading »
How to cast Pen Blanks with Resin

Casting pen blanks with Curtis Seebeck of TurnTex Woodworks.  Shows step by step instruction on using Alumilite White and Water Clear for casting pen decorative pen blanks. By: AlumiliteCorpContinue Reading »
Marijo’s Summer Salad

Here’s a fresh and tasty entrée you can prepare in no time at all: Serving 6   Preparation 20 minutes By: Marijos RecipesContinue Reading »
Simple Taser

DISCLAIMER: This instructable is intended for informational purposes only. The taser should not be tested or used on any living creatures, human or otherwise. Doing so will result in pain, and could be damaging to the individual, and could result in death, particularly in individuals who have heart …By: Gleipnir622Continue Reading »
Make an Armchair out of a…Coffee Table!

Some days ago I was visiting a local store when I noticed a beautiful octagonal chair that almost looked like a hand. A mix of this and this. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it (making it was not in the plans), but I thought it was really cool, I like original furniture that you don’t see o…By: lindarose92Continue Reading »
LED Blinky Wire Sculpture

This project started as part of the August 2013 Build Night with Jameco. Details here: http://www.instructables.com/community/August-2013-Build-Night-with-Jameco/ We, a hobby group called The Robot Group in Austin, TX applied and were approved. They sent us parts to build some projects with in one b…By: grayconstructContinue Reading »
5 Awesome Tricks & Pranks With Dry Ice!

You don’t have to wait for halloween to play with dry ice.  Here are 5 “non-halloween” ways to use dry ice for tricks & pranks. Where in the world do you get dry ice?  Try searching http://dryicedirectory.com for a location near you. Watch the Video! In this video you’ll see how to; #5….By: The King of RandomContinue Reading »
How to make a Batman “Robin: Damien Wayne” costume

With so many Robin’s to keep count of in the Batman line-up, why not just steadily move down the line? Dick Grayon, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and now Damien Wayne?.. Special note:  Some pictures do not coordinate with the instructions. They are examples of the technique that I have used.  Materials: …By: SpicyPandaCreationsContinue Reading »
How to make a Cobra “Storm Shadow” costume

Anyone remember this guy? I surprised my best friend with a  costume for his birthday. So… let’s begin shall we! Materials: -White kung fu Slippers -white karate pants -Several strips of white fabric for wrapping legs, waist, and forearms -white underarmor -white fabric to make hood -white ba…By: SpicyPandaCreationsContinue Reading »
Paper Station For Kids

Hello! Do you or your kids need a spot to draw or blue print your diabolical world destroying gizmos? If so, this U-frame paper roll holder is perfect for you! By the way this is my first instructable. So if I did anything wrong please tell me how I could improve. Find Wood And Parts For this p…By: Paladin6004Continue Reading »
Blender Money Clip

So this is a quick project that I made to submit to the Money Clip Challenge, I made it in blender and rendered through Cycles Render. Hope you, whoever sees this, and the judges of the contest, like it. By: TrizixxContinue Reading »
Wifi Antenna

Gather Supply’s You will need a Wifi antenna via USB Tri pod Tin can USB expander wire. Tools Drill Hot glue or gorilla glue The Drill You will take your drill and drill a hole the size of the antenna the put the antenna through the hole and reconnect it to the antenna Reconnect…By: peytonman268Continue Reading »
Drive-In Theater

I know there are already instructions for drive in theaters in instructables. It was thanks to the Guerrilla Drive-in that I got the drive in bug. I feel that this instructable will add a lot to the Drive-In Theater arsenal. I wanted this screen to be seen from both sides, so that I could have peop…By: W1LL7Continue Reading »
Homemade Chocolate Candle!

I’m back with another candle, and this time it’s chocolate scented! This one has a fantastic scent, but an average appearance. I made this candle thinking “I could do that”… After finding a throve of chocolate from last Easter. I suppose it could be considered playing with food, but it’s worth i…By: HaughyContinue Reading »
Original Rain Bow Loom Bracelet

Supplies To make this bracelet you will need rubber bands C clips your templet and hook Zig Zags First zig zag your rubber bands on your templet with the red arrow facing up Hooking Flip your templet around and take your hook and bring the second rubber that is under the first rubber band …By: lilsailorContinue Reading »
How to buy a laser printer.

The most important thing about buying a laser printer (or any printer) is cost of ownership / cost of the ink. As most people know printer companies are in the business of selling ink they are almost giving the printer away. When they are on sale it is sometimes at a loss. For that reason the print…By: old_alexContinue Reading »
Nail art for Short Nails

Easy Nail art for Short Nails-Black and white Hi all, Posting after a long time…seriously life becomes so busy that you just don’t get time for yourself. This time i tried a very simple and easy nail art which is best suitable for short as well as long nails too. Follow the steps: STEP 1: Apply a…By: sups123Continue Reading »
Cat Bed made from old Apple 17in Studio Monitor

Hello my name is Jack and I have a pet cat named Yoshimi. I was on the internet looking for cat beds and ran across someone building them out of old imac g3. They cost about $100 plus for the good colors. I said to myself I could build one for yoshimi and it not costing me a $100 plus. The first ste…By: JackTorrance78Continue Reading »
Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove

With a little creativity and a lot of recycled materials, you can make this Tiki Rocket Stove for under $40. A rocket stove is an efficient cook stove using small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple high-temperature combustion chamber containing an insulated vertical chimney which ensure…By: TRexGraphxContinue Reading »
Oil Painting

Palette Knife To Paint Rose I used palette knife to paint roses with oil paints Materials Palette knife Canvas Oil paints-voilet,white,green colors By: saz1Continue Reading »
Tabletop Pressure Washer

By popular request (like three people). Ive now made the Tabletop Washer (4 The Poor Man) into a pressure washer! http://www.instructables.com/id/Table-Top-Washing-Machine-4-Da-Poor-Man/ This is really easy to add to the tabletop washer, so Ill put it all on one step *** FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES …By: BlofishContinue Reading »
How to make [Perfect] Popcorn over a Campfire

We all love S’mores. That messy, delicious ship has sailed. So what else can one make next to the warm, smoky blaze? Popcorn, of course! You might have tried Jiffy Pop before; you put the pan over the fire, shake it, and popcorn pops inside the aluminum dome. This is the same idea except it’s homema…By: Renee!Continue Reading »
Super Altoids stove

     I got this idea from a different instructable,http://www.instructables.com/id/Altoids-Tin-Alcohol-Stove/ I modified it and gave it a stand materials you will need:   -rubbing alcohol   -fiberglass   -Altoids tin   -steel mesh   -Sheet metal the “fiery” part First, stuff the Altoids tin wi…By: dudesContinue Reading »
Easy Earphone Storage

Get your materials all you need is a pair of earphones. Start folding Pull the earphones straight then fold it in half then that in half then that in half then that in half. Gimme some slack! Take the earbuds and pull both at the same time while holding the bundle… pull until it releases…By: Jobo17Continue Reading »
< 5$ outdoor surfboard rack ( Wall hooked) from up-cycled PVC pipes

This is a very simple easy to make and cheap surfboard rack made of PVC tubing which can be knocked up in no time. The basic design can be modified to suit any number of boards and mounting positions. I’ve used 1 inch (32 mm) PVC pipes because i had a lot of discarded pieces but  u can use other si…By: jangoachayanContinue Reading »
Easiest and fastest way to have untangled headphones!

I’ve made this because I just got some new headphones for parkour, I love em and I wanna keep them in good condition, so this is what I do, All you need are, headphones, a hand and about 15 seconds. Enjoy 🙂 By: Assassin TubeContinue Reading »
fortune teller

this is a fun way to play around with your friends that you just need a square piece of papper. after the last step fold it in half and your done By: gcjldmzContinue Reading »
Lego The Lord Of The Rings

In this Instructible I will be showing off my Lego the lord of the rings builds. Including the five wizards, the Fell Beast, a shortcut to mushrooms, and the last march of the Ents. I AM VERY SORRY ABOUT THE BLURY PICTURES. A Shortcut To Mushrooms This took me about 2 hours of build time to make…By: Zachary4801Continue Reading »
make a solar cell easily

today i want to share how to make a solar cell at home easily and it is fun to make.but firstly i want to tell you dont expect to light your house with these solar cells because it produces small voltage and may need acres of them to power the house!but yet it is easy and need ordinary stuff .but li…By: argha halderContinue Reading »
refreshing green tea and lemon cleanser

 This  is a facial designed to leave you feeling cleansed and fresh, using the natural ingredients of green tea and lemon. For this you will need.. -1/2 a lemon – 2 green teabags – a sieve  – a sharp knife – chopping board – a spoon – a bowl – a small plate Put the the lemon and teabags into …By: addictedtodiyContinue Reading »
How To Paint A Skate Deck

After reading through a number of posts about painting a skateboard and ruining a friends deck at a party. I decided to give it a go. The only thing I wanted to do different was make more layers and have it hand drawn. I had a lot if fun doing it, I hope you do to. I would like to thank CraigSnedeke…By: jowmummaContinue Reading »
Adirondack Chair

null null null null null null null null null null null null By: jaumebalmesContinue Reading »
Hardwood table with laser cut inlay

To make this table you would ideally need an array of hardwood ( 800 x 150mm) + , 2x sheets of aeroplane plywood (you choose the size of inlay), strips of hardwood for beading, bandsaw, circular saw, hand sander, tenon saw, files, wood glue, low grit sand paper, sash clamps & g-clamps, wood vice and…By: mrf0wlerContinue Reading »
Printed Fabric

Stretch, Lycra and Printed Fabric Specialists! http://www.funkifabrics.com/ – Connects you to one of Europe’s most advanced suppliers, Funkifabrics offers printed fabrics and foil decorated stretch fabrics at an affordable prices. We have maintained a sterling reputation for supplying unrivaled qual…By: funkifabricsContinue Reading »
How to Make a Carrot Recorder Ocarina

This video tutorial show you how to turn an ordinary carrot into a fun musical instrument.  What you need: 1 Carrot A kitchen knife Drill Bits Follow the video tutorial and start making your very own carrot recorder ocarina.  By: haxworthContinue Reading »
Make a 3D print from a 2D drawing

Using a few open source software tools and very little technical knowledge, it’s possible to turn a 2D vector drawing into an extruded object for 3D printing.  I used this technique to make a bracelet. Overview: Make an .svg file of the shape you want to extrude Convert it to OpenSCAD form…By: safayContinue Reading »
Roof Repair Amarillo, Texas

Visit us at http://www.BestAmarilloRoofing.net or call 806-576-3340 today Eclat Roofing is a full-service roofing company in Amarillo offering expert residential and commercial roofing services including roof replacement, hail damage repair, roof leak repair, roof cleaning and roof maintenance. Our …By: roofing14Continue Reading »
How to do Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners!!!!! There is nothing more stunning than accentuating eyes with Smokey Makeup for a special occasion. Here is a tutorial for you on how to get Smokey eyes for stylish evening to sophisticated day look in less time. Apply base coat. Firstly, prepare you fac…By: khoobsuratiContinue Reading »
Making Your Own Beats

Even the most experienced musician can get hung up on things when they sit down in the studio.  Perhaps it’s an off day, or perhaps the inspiration just isn’t there.  But no matter what the case, when you sit down to crank out a killer beat in your studio, there are some basic steps that are to be t…By: beatmakersolutionsContinue Reading »