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DIY Portable USB Solar Charger

Dreamed of making a cheap and “EXTREMELY RELIABLE” portable USB solar charger? Here’s a quick tutorial, revealing how I made mine with a budget less than $20! ___________________________________________________________________________________ I have so many uses for it. When we travel and go camping…By: ASCASContinue Reading »

5-minute Photo Booth

With all the components ready, this DIY photo booth literally takes 5 minutes to set up. So what do we need? • Android tablet or phone • Standard camera tripod • Tripod adapter for your Android device • Party PhotoBooth app Let’s get started! Install Party PhotoBooth On your Android device, ins…By: Finding PieContinue Reading »

Caltrops and Deployment System

Nails and 20 Gauge Steel Wire Denim Sack w/ Wire Deployment System Use Zip Ties To Secure To Underside Of Car Tighten Zip Ties And Connect Release Cable Release cable runs up through the body of the car with access from the driver’s seat. By: joshuaperryContinue Reading »


Iron Patriot Build.

so i got round to it 😀 here’s the progress story in pictures. By: skyfly23Continue Reading »
Repair a cut TV/internet cable

This happened to me when someone dug a hole that cut through the TV/internet cable. Repairman fixed it the next day, but how was I going to get through the next 24 hours with the internet? Emergency surgery to repair the cable! These instructions are illustrated for outdoor repair, but they will wor…By: stlearyContinue Reading »
How To Fix A Broken Juicer

I had a Jack Lelanne power juicer express that was no longer turning on. Here I will figure out what is causing the problem and fix it. Diagnose The Problem First I need to figure out what the problem is. This is fairly easy to do if you have general knowledge of appliances and how they’re built….By: dbyrd26Continue Reading »
Mini Knex Uzi

Bottom of the frame Yaaayyy Finished!! By: nathan_royalContinue Reading »
Industrial/Steampunk Furnishings

This is a collection of interesting items I’ve found of an industrial or steampunk aesthetic. null This armoire looks like it just escaped a mad scientist’s science lab… null An industrial-looking coffee table made from a reclaimed pallet. null Cool pipeworks shelving unit. Originally de…By: Polk1986Continue Reading »
Scary screaming Ghost

Screaming ghost! Supplies needed: empty 2 liter bottle bottle of white glue Water based glow in the dark paint- color of your choosing gauze or any lightweight fabric skull prop First step is to acquire a prop skull. I got this one from my husband…muhahaha Second step- use plastic wrap…By: Stargazer0506Continue Reading »
How to fix the base on a Bissel Cleanview Helix

Since we own three Cleanviews, we noticed that the height-adjustment-wheel-base part was a consistent weak point of the design (along with the part that holds the top of the wrapped cord), so my dad came up with a simple solution: drill a small hole through each peg (through the center) and reinforc…By: MaxaxleContinue Reading »
Iphone “Backpack” 3d money clip

     As the Apple Iphone has grown in popularity, so have the accessories made for it. There is a very wide variety of cases, so of these are wallets. They can hold credit cards, receipts, money, and in some cases coins. These wallet cases can be very hard to remove though. That is why I designed cl…By: shotgunshaneContinue Reading »
Flower Drawing

This is one of my favorite things to draw because it is not that hard once you get the hang of it. I learned this from a drawing app, which I’m pretty sure is called drawing tutorials.hope you enjoy! Things Needed -paper(depending on how big you want it to be, have the paper that size) -differe…By: simplecreationsContinue Reading »
123D Laundry Robot

This is the laundry robot I designed on 123D Design application. This robot would help by sorting your dirty clothes, putting your dirty clothes in the washer and dryer and then it would fold and put away your (now clean) clothes. This idea came to me while doing the laundry and thinking of what a b…By: AlexTechContinue Reading »
Timber Child S Bike / Bicycle Seat

I am living in Bhutan for one year as my wife is working as a volunteer teacher through the Bhutan Canada Foundation.  I have taken a year off work to spend more time looking after my two sons, a 5 year old (who attends school here) and a 3 year old that I look after on a daily basis.  [For further …By: BobsterBhutanContinue Reading »
Rainbow Loom- Single Rhombus

If you have any questions, comment. I want this to be as easy as possible! Supplies Rainbow loom, hook, bands The Base Place on band in the middle going up, then another next to it diagonal, then up, the diagonal. Repeat this process until those two lines are done to the top Hook And Repeat!…By: socksmonkeysduckstapeContinue Reading »
Refreshing mint tea

Mint tea is well known for its cleansing and healing properties with stomach upsets. It is also a delicious drink that will fill you up without weighing you down!  You will need… – Mug -Teaspoon – Fresh mint leaves ( the more leaves the stronger the tea. personally I add around three sprigs as I l…By: addictedtodiyContinue Reading »
Connors robes in animal crossing new leaf

The Title speaks for it self. By: Lilbud2000Continue Reading »
A Leather “Fly” Swatter

     The season is getting later and the flies seem to be getting more prevalant.  I decided that I needed a new fly swatter.  This seemed to be the perfect design.  Not only do I think it is a good design, it is functional.        There is very little leather carving to this project and could be do…By: grandmaof13Continue Reading »
Bacic Mobs

Creeper Creepers are on the attack and are highly explosive. It takes them about 1.5 seconds for them to detonate if you are in range of there explosion 1-5 hits will kill them Zombie Zombies were implemented for the e-zer fight so I’m told. They attack not that hard and are vary slow Skeli…By: amazing AlexContinue Reading »
Help Me Plz

Heeeeeellllppppppp meeeeee pleeeeaase Problem Recently I was going to make a intrructable on my newly built knex pistol when it just stopped working so i went on YouTube and couldn’t find a thing so if any one out there can help me leave a comment Pic 1 trigger pic 2 ram Pic 1 ram pic …By: pwubax 18Continue Reading »
Iron Man Project 1: War Machine/Patriot Helmet Mod

This is a tutorial on Modding the Iron Man 2 Iron Man Helmet to look like the War machine (IM2) or the Patriot (IM3) Now i haven’t actually done the Patriot Variant but both helmets can be made by the same method. you need: an Iron Man 2 Helmet http://www.toywizard.net/hasbro-iron-man-2-action-fi…By: skyfly23Continue Reading »
Play Gameboy /Color Games On Android!

All retro gamers know and love the gameboy. So wouldn’t it be cool if you could play them for free? On a device you use every Day? Well grab your android phone/tablet and let’s get working!Supplies:Android deviceSome time to blow Get Emulator So to begin, go to the play store and search: John GBC…By: legodude2020Continue Reading »
Real Life Looking Creeper Drawing

Today I will be showing you how to make a realistic creeper drawing…… It’s easy when you know how fist draw the mouth Draw Head Copy Add Fire Do Long Body L O N G Cord And Feet Congrats Your done with drawing the realistic creeper follow like and comment thank you for you…By: amazing AlexContinue Reading »
Home Electrolysis Kit

Electrolysis is a useful skill to pick up and the beauty of it is that it’s super easy to do. Electrolysis can be used to plate materials, to clean, for etching and even to produce pure forms of a material. In this article we’ll show you how to make your own small electrolysis kit. With what you…By: Go RepairsContinue Reading »
How to make a Concrete Camera

Please vote for me in the Concrete and Casting Contest – Thank-you! As a photography enthusiast I have cameras of all shapes and sizes, some analogue some digital, some low tech & some high but none so satisfying as the one I made myself! It doesn’t take too long to whip your very own concrete came…By: amuuContinue Reading »

By: smcaskillContinue Reading »
How To Draw A Cartoon Dodo

The Dodo: A classically comical bird, with a funny shaped beak, and is not so hard to convert into a cartoony character. The Base Draw a large circle and a larger oval further down, like so. MAKE SURE TO DRAW LIGHTLY. The Base Draw two curved lines connecting the circle and oval, this will be…By: ChookgirlContinue Reading »
How to Get More Instagram Followers

Here is my guide to getting more instagram followers – By: antsinmypantsContinue Reading »
Pixellated Sprite Wall Art

I wanted some wall art for my dorm room in college, so I developed this easy method of reproducing sprites using construction paper and tape. The main trick is using a computer screen as a makeshift lightbox. You will need: -Pixel art -Construction paper in appropriate colors -A bright monitor -Sc…By: thegnome54Continue Reading »
Android speaker mod. Must see :)- An eco friendly droid!

This is the droid youre looking for! Hi everyone! Let me introduce solar andy, He is an android speaker who went eco friendly! He holds up two things, One is a picket sign saying go green(flip side says it in hex for his fellow droids to understand!). In his other hand he is holding up a solar panel…By: out-of-the-boxContinue Reading »
How To Make The AeroCruiser Paper Airplane

Designed for simplicity and ease of construction, the AeroCruiser is a small, conventional drone cruiser paper airplane designed to complement more intricate designs like the Super Starship and Turbo StratoDragon. The AeroCruiser’s development period was rather brief, and this swiftness was aided b…By: OrigamiAirEnforcerContinue Reading »
Cheap, Easy, Leak-Safe Way to Water Plants While On Vacation

My husband and I like to take trips to exotic locales, but we also like the jungle-like explosion of houseplants we have in our apartment. This combination poses a problem, because there’s only so many times you can impose on a friend to water your apartment-jungle, even when bribing them with lovel…By: jjdebenedictisContinue Reading »
Arduino Remote Control Lights with Universal Remote

I have been looking into home automation for some time, but haven’t committed to it just yet mostly because of the price tag. Last year (2010) I bought these remote control outlet on/off switches so I could turn my xmas tree lights on and off via remote for about $20 (USD). Here is a link to them on…By: skexieContinue Reading »
How to make a Marvel’s “Dr. Doom” costume

There is gloom and doom… when things go boom…. in DEXTER’S LAAAAAAABBBB!.. just kidding.. it’s Dr. Doom. Ph.d in DOOMOLOGY! *this was my first cosplay attempt that i made in 2008. It’s still a great costume, but i’ll write a few new things that i’ve learned over the years into this tutorial. Mater…By: SpicyPandaCreationsContinue Reading »