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How to Make Superhero Pancakes

How can you possibly improve fried bread slathered in butter and syrup? Superheros, that’s how. You may not be able to shoot webs from your hands or have an angst-filled romance with a beautiful actress, but with these three easy steps, you can be a hero to your kids. Or your grandma. Or whoever’s s…By: soloboContinue Reading »

How To Make A Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon From Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Hi! Have you ever wanted a Ukrainian Ironbelly from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? Well, I have, and I didn’t see any other Instructables for it. So, here it is! Inspiration Find a picture of a Ukrainian Ironbelly! Supplies These are the supplies you’ll need for your dragon! -D…By: SkyProductionsContinue Reading »

How to eat prickly pear, a.k.a. cactus fruit, a.k.a. tunas

Prickly pears are delicious on the inside but vicious on the outside. Here’s how to get past their prickly exterior and into their sweet, succulent soul.  You’ll need kitchen tongs, a sharp knife, a fork, a cutting board, a big bowl, a plate, and a food mill.  You’ll probably also want some tweeze…By: klaypersonContinue Reading »


Dollar Symbol Money Clip

Ever have enough cash that you need to use a money clip, but those regular, boring and dull money clips just wont cut it? So instead, you decide to grab your 3D printer which is handily waiting next to you and proceed to print your very own Dollar Symbol Money Clip. This money clip was made for the…By: HiyadudezContinue Reading »
Fixing Air Compressor – Replacing Intake Pipe

In this video I fixed a faulty Bostitch compressor, which had a broken intake pipe.  The vibrations of the machine must have over time caused so much stressed to the part of the pipe closest to the tank that it simply broke.  So I got a new 10mm anodised aluminium pipe, which seemed to be a higher g…By: savvas_papasavvaContinue Reading »
Build Your Own Laser Trip Wire

– Ever wanted to catch an intruder when they trip a laser beam? – Want to know how many times your pet (or anything else) is going in and out of your house? – Someone sneaking into a place they shouldn’t be? – Like to play with lasers and dry ice? This instructable teaches you how to use a laser…By: edward_ValarmContinue Reading »
Mini Digital Pinball Cabinet

This started after really getting into The Pinball Arcade on Android, I had an idea of creating a stand for my Nexus 7 that would also double as controls for Pinball. So, I looked around for ideas and saw that a couple of people had already done it, so I decided to build my own and try creating an …By: justin2097Continue Reading »
Convert a cheap flight joystick to a precise one

This instructable converts the cheap Genius Maxfighter F-16U joystick which uses potentiometers to a precise joystick using LED/LDR combination. I guess it is fit for any joystick that uses potentiometers.http://youtu.be/FDoeQvAU6d8 By: minaedwarContinue Reading »
Low Vision Mod For iPad Case

The iPad is very hard to use for people who are not familiar with computer touch interfaces and also have a reduced sense of touch and low vision. Many elderly people fit this profile; some have issues with memory as well. That makes it likely that such a person will need a hint for each control to…By: hglaserContinue Reading »
Photographing a Flying Bullet with a Sugar Cube!

Attempting to photograph a bullet with a sugar cube… can it be done? High speed sugar flash triboluminescent photography. By: FPSoutbackContinue Reading »
Headphone Hack

My son has been practicing making the Gordian Knot with his headphones wires for years.  Here is an example of a pair of his headphones I found from a few years ago.  He used to go through headphones pretty quickly.  He does much better and his last pair he has kept pretty decent for almost a year. …By: KepsterContinue Reading »
“Destructo-BOT 3000”

Ever wanted to build a huge mechanical beast to battle your minifigs in a war of epic proportions? Well now you can! Introducing the Destructo-BOT 3000! This masterpiece of a creation was the result of the combined efforts of L3G0builders Inc. and MASTERMIND & Co. This mega-monstrosity has an array …By: C__4Continue Reading »
Costume Steam or Smoke Mechanism

A lot of costumes can benefit from a steam or smoke effect. After lots of trial and error, this is officially the easiest, cheapest, and most flexible (as in mounting possibilities). All you need is an canned air duster, a hose clamp, metal strapping, string/cable/twine, and a power drill. Bend the…By: UnihornContinue Reading »
QU BD Extruder Improvements

I made it at TechShop!!! Qu-bd is a low cost and decent extruder. However getting it to work is little challenging. This instructable aims to improve qu-bd extruder by spring loading the filament as suggested in forums. Most of the modifications used a small ball bearing pressing the filament again…By: sparkchaser22Continue Reading »
Velleman MK118 radio kit made portable!

My grand kids are young and don’t have their own radio so I wanted to build this kit with them so that they could understand how a radio works and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment in making something. I would tell them what part I wanted (resistor, capacitor, diode, etc) and they would have to fi…By: big dawg1Continue Reading »
Easy, Consistent & Cheap Toner Transfer Method for Single & Double Sided PCBs

Yes, yet another toner transfer PCB etching tutorial – But wait! I’ve experimented a LOT and found the key to producing reliable results. The secret is in the execution, NOT the materials. I’m now producing 2 sided PCBs with perfect tracks on my 1st attempt. So, let’s go…. What you’ll Need – A …By: dodgey99Continue Reading »
Homemade dog food, gluten free

High quality commercial dog food is expensive.  A 35 pound bag of Science Diet, for example, is close to $50.  And for your money you get such tasty ingredients as Chicken By-Product Meal, Powdered Cellulose, Corn Gluten Meal, Soybean Meal, Chicken Liver Flavor, and Caramel Color.  Yum Yum.  It tast…By: jxrossContinue Reading »
Simple vegetable with salmon stew.

Cut a courgette, 2 yellow and red paprika. Put in a pan with a dash of water and oil. Add chives, dill, pepper, salt and some paprika powder. Let it simmer with a lid until the paprika is soft. Add salmon, cook it. Add creme fraiche. By: MPalokajContinue Reading »
Cauliflower and broccoli oven dish

Cauliflower+oil+bit of water+salt+pepper+garlic in a pan for 10 mins. Add creme fraiche and put in oven dish at about 190 Celsius. Bake minced meat with concentrated tomato and some salt. Put on top of oven dish. Leave for 20 mins and top with cheese the last 5 mins. By: MPalokajContinue Reading »
Chocolate Mexican Coffee Cake

The process for making chocolate and cocoa powder is made by first grinding cacao nibs into a cocoa mass, which is then liquefied into a paste known as chocolate liquor. After the cocoa butter is forced out of the chocolate liquor by either a press or a special technique known as the Broma method, t…By: savorthefoodContinue Reading »
PVC Pan Flute

Learn how to make Panpipes out of ordinary 1/2″ PVC! By: rickosgoodContinue Reading »
How to make a Batman’s “Mr. Freeze” costume

Forecast for today.. a COOOOOOLD FREEZE!.. Mr. Freeze that is. Materials: i got many of these things at thrift stores, garage sales, discount stores, etc. -black shoes/boots -baseball shin guards (thrift store $4) -black leggings -black longsleeve tshirt -blue shorts (found women’s bathing sui…By: SpicyPandaCreationsContinue Reading »
Aquarium pallet table – with wheels

Inspired by pallet tables, I decided to make one for my turtle’s aquarium. Cost: around 80 Euros (wheels, primer, lacquer) Prepare pallet Cut the pallet to desired dimensions. Aquarium is 60x 60 cm. Table is 67×67. Sand sand sand, depending on how smooth you want it to be. I didn’t spent too mu…By: wrongnameContinue Reading »
Easy Chocolate Sculptures

I stumbled apon the art of paper crafting last year & have been hooked ever since . It is an amazingly fun hobby & there are thousands of free templates to choose from online. Seeing how food is my FAVORITE art medium, I decided to experiment to see if I could make the same adorable characters out o…By: mygibzoneContinue Reading »
Make your own 12 Inch Minecraft Golden Pickaxe

Its been requested a couple of times now that I do a video tutorial on how to make your own Minecraft gold pickaxe using papercraft. As I’ve said before I’m not very good at YouTube videos, but I gave it a damm good try.  I hope you all find this tutorial on how to build your own Minecraft golden p…By: FPSXGamesContinue Reading »
Cherry Tomato Stir Fry

http://www.savynaturalista.com/2013/08/26/cherry-tomato-stir-fry Yummy Cherry tomato stir fry that only takes 10 minutes to make and only requires a few ingredients Cherry Tomato Stir Fry Recipe: 3 cups cooked chicken breast cut up 1.5 cups cherry tomatoes cut in halves 2 whole bel…By: savynaturalistaContinue Reading »
Swirly Wire Rings

I’ve been trying to make wire rings for a while but couldn’t come up with any new design. There are some awesome wire ring tutorials in instructables, you can find them here- http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Wire-Rings/ I found the swirly, twisty patterns fun and easy to make. So, in this instruc…By: Muhaiminah FaizContinue Reading »
Use Sugru to make an ice mould

The basic steps to make an ice mould out of Sugru are 1. Design the pattern 2. Cut the pattern into acrylic 3. Stuff the sugru into the pattern 4. Remove the pattern Design the pattern Using your favourite CAD software, design the pattern you want to have as part of your ice cube. Since acry…By: swalbergContinue Reading »
Sautéed Bananas

These little guys will make your mouth water they are such a good treat on waffles and pancakes yummy have fun making these Ingredients Bananas 1tbsp butter 1 tbsp brown sugar 1tsp vanilla Saut?© pan Tongs Knife Getting Ready Take your saut?© pan and set on med heat melt down the butter peel…By: jujubee31Continue Reading »
Why and How to Convert Lotus Notes Mail to Outlook

During usage of Lotus Notes if you find yourself unable to work with and decided to convert Lotus Notes mail to Outlook then, you do have two ways to go with. • Convert Lotus Notes mail to Outlook using commercial solution • Convert Lotus Notes emails into PST using non-professional manner Reasons…By: dawynecarloContinue Reading »

This little puffy pastries are heavenly dealicious. I have a theory that they are some kind of divine intervention. They are sweet, light and shiny. It can be filled with ice cream, fruit, whiped cream  and guarnished with a silky chocolate sauce.   It’s much more easy to confection it than what it …By: npereira2Continue Reading »
RC lawn mower designs

I was cutting the grass the to day and I really wanted to drive a r.c. car at the time so I deiced that I would try to make this, A r.c lawnmower these are just my ideas on the item so lets get on it. the first thing you have to do is open up auto-desk 123D design. first So first I started buildi…By: riverswampContinue Reading »
Balance bike

Full article with more pictures – here. Disassemble my balance bike to win the seat and took photos at the same time for this statement. So, we need a sheet 12 mm sanded plywood, a set of bolts and studs piece (you can rod) by 6 mm, slice fanerku 4-5mm seating foam of 50 mm and a piece of lea…By: evgen_ruContinue Reading »
Quick and easy car seat covers from T-shirts and other clothing items

Do you have a new car and you want to protect the seat? Do you need to cover up a torn up seat in your beater? Or do you have leather or vinyl seats that get very hot or very cold? Well, using just everyday clothing items, you can make your own without sewing! You may still be able to wear them afte…By: Sergeant SarcasmContinue Reading »
Cast Concrete Desk Clock

Finally moving into a new place where I can have more than a shoe box-sized workshop.  I decided to make this clock so I don’t have to drop and or get my phone dirty to check how late I’ve been puttering around.  Plus, being a solid chunk of concrete, I won’t have to worry about it accidentally gett…By: TeemoStoContinue Reading »
Watermelon Carving Basics: Sunflowers!

So I have this recently new hobby of mine, watermelon carving, that I am just having a blast with. So much so that I’ve purchased myself a fancy set to carve with. But before the set, I was having fun experimenting and creating carvings with nothing but a paring knife and a watermelon. I noticed tha…By: StephanefaliesContinue Reading »
Bandsaw Blade Brazing Jig for $2.00 in materials

I installed a brand new blade last week. About two days later, I rolled a piece of wood and put a nasty kink in the blade. Isn’t that how it always happens? I had briefly experimented with brazing blades in the past, when I had a little 9″ bandsaw that seemed to break a blade in the middle of every …By: klee27xContinue Reading »
Double Biquad Antenna for the 2 4GHz Band

Fully detailed construction of a 16dB gain Double Biquad Antenna for the 2.4GHz wifi band. The biquad is a very simple design but care must be taken when measuring each wavelength. Made correctly it is extremely powerful. There are lots of blogs and videos on the internet showing how to build these,…By: andrew mcneilContinue Reading »
Meet Luther…

  This is Luther. He is art of some kind. From what research I could gather these cats are always kept to invite luck, wealth, longevity and happiness to your environment. not sure of the country of origin.  I acquired him from my Dad a while back. He had been at my Grandparents house before they pa…By: Haplo1Continue Reading »
ropa vieja

Ropa vieja is the most amazing Cuban comfort food. Whenever I go to a Cuban restaurant, I always order the ropa vieja or the vaca frita. Both dishes are spectacular in every way. Ropa vieja is a long-simmered shredded beef and tomato and other delicious things sort of dish – it’s almost like a stew…By: jessyratfinkContinue Reading »
Let�s Quest !!

When rutine has become an uncofortable guest in your home is time to kick out of your life.I mean some times those role games just don´t let stand of that chair. Sometimes those virtual worlds become in our live and don`t let us sleep quietly…well I was there  and my kids too. This the story of a …By: Mr.SanchezContinue Reading »
Turning an old drawer into a decorative shelf…

Occasionally one finds ones self with an old piece of crap dresser that just isn’t worth keeping. Hey, we’ve all been there, am I right? here’s the deal tho, while the main body may be on it’s last legs,there may still be some hope for the drawers. I got this idea after we turned some drawers from a…By: Haplo1Continue Reading »
concrete art.making Mr. KNOWLEDGE’s head.

PLEASE VOTE THIS FOR CONCRETE AND CASTING . Making basic structure. to make basic body we need :- 1.A light bulb 2.concrete 3.sand 4.hammer 5.Carving chisel  Lets start – take the bulb and brake the seal with the hammer and a nail.mix the concrete with water,sand,cement as 1:3:2. then fill the bu…By: angry kingContinue Reading »
Foldable Classic Guitar Practice Stool

When it comes to play classical guitar, there are many options when you choose a stool that has to be slightly higher than a regular stool. I visited many music stores and from what I saw I decided that the ones in the market are either too weak, the finish is not very nice, very expensive, or the c…By: El chupacabrasContinue Reading »
A Simple 3D Printer Table

3d printers, like every specialized tool, need space for supplies and tools. My printer was located in the garage, but due to the heat it was miserable to spend much time working with it. The problem I faced was that I didn’t have an adequate workspace inside. Here is a simple table made from 2x4s …By: bikerbrentContinue Reading »
Desk phone stand with Sugru and Samsung TecTiles

For a while I have wanted (needed perhaps?) a dock for my S4 when I sit at my desk. I’ll show you how I made one with Sugru and a TecTile.  It’s pretty basic stuff… The pictures tell the story pretty well. Sugru is extremely easy to work with, I cut the package open with almost no trouble at al…By: earthtownContinue Reading »
Cast Concrete Pendant Necklace

This is a little cast concrete pendant I made for my lovely girlfriends’ birthday a little while back, paired it with hammered copper bracelet and a fancy little display stand.   This whole project takes roughly 2 or so hours from start to finish, and the results are great, she has gotten a ton of …By: jbeatonContinue Reading »
Bow and Arrow

Hi, if you want to know how to make a bow and arrow out of a pen watch my step by step instructable. What you will need You will need a: pen knife nail clippers rubber band Gutting You will need to take the pen apart. But be sure to keep everything. Drilling and cutting You will need to dri…By: happymonkey123Continue Reading »
usb capacitor

 In this instructable i’m giving a 1GB usb a new case which as the title points out the casing is a capacitor. Materials necessary materials include:                                      -usb drive (obviously)                   -sacrificial capacitor                   -knife,drill,pliers anythin…By: Ryan HebronContinue Reading »
Minecraft Human launching tnt cannon

This is a human launching tnt cannon as the title says. It will launch you high in the sky using tnt distributed by dispensers. Note if you do not know how to craft some of these items you and are in survival look it up on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine you may use. Now lets get to the bu…By: nateus2Continue Reading »
Free Light

Would you like to have a light for free? It’s really simple actually. The idea is that oil you used for cooking and now you don’t need anymore, can be used to light up your house! Buy a Peltier module,solar garden light and a box of LEDs,which will cost you the same as one lightbulb, place a few of…By: DreamchronicContinue Reading »
The Nano Office

Like many young couples, my wife and I live in quite a small flat. It’s more than enough space for happy everyday living, until work gets thrown in the mix. My wife is a writer, and was desperate for a space of her own. She wanted somewhere she could order me out of, graffiti up with ‘brilliant’ ide…By: mashorterContinue Reading »
How to make a Trumpeter Swan Outdoor Sculpture with my Custom Concrete recipe…

So…I made a Trumpeter Swan Sculpture out of concrete & chicken wire & it now lives outdoors, 45 minutes North of Toronto, on a rock, near a pond, sitting on a handknotted rope nest (see my how to make a Trumpeter swan nest instructable for that), on a Trumpeter swan Flight path, to attract them to…By: GroveCanadaContinue Reading »
R/C LEGO “Coaster” Droid

The Coaster Droid or “CDroid” is a bigger version of R/C LEGO ‘Velocipede’ Droid that I built recently. And this one I want to add the sensor to it so it could avoid hitting the obstacles. The “CDroid” uses LEGO® components similar to the previous built “LEGO® Track Bot”, and “Dart Shooter Droid” u…By: sath02Continue Reading »
Build Your Own “Turbo Time” 555 Timer Demonstration

What can a 555 Timer do? Our maker space, The Rabbit Hole recently had a Jameco build night where we (this project was worked on by group members Mazzmn, Hydrotron and theZuke)  experimented with 555 timers and other cool stuff. This Instructable demonstrates using a 555 timer to create a “Basic As…By: mazzmnContinue Reading »
Autodesk Inventor – 3d threading across two shelled halves

This is a tutorial for how to model 3d threads split across two shelled halves that will align and print with the 3d printer.  I made a mockup of this thing just for a demonstration. It’s not perfect and not meant to be. The model would be 3d printed or injection molded so it needs to be split into …By: 6662666Continue Reading »
From File to Knife

A good “bushcraft” knife is a must-have for every outdoorsman. It’s a tool that lasts a lifetime. Wouldn’t it be awesome to make such an essential, lasting tool yourself? There are many different types of knives and many ways of making them. This instructable will show you how to make an excellent,…By: casvandegoorContinue Reading »
Making a Phone Charging Dock in 123D Design

This is a charging dock I made using 123D design. I came up with idea while I was looking at charging docks for my phone and I realized how boring they were. So I used 123D Design to create a better and less boring charging dock to power your phone in style. Also, use millimeters throughout this pro…By: AlexTechContinue Reading »
Cardboard Dinosaur Puzzle

  In this project, I am going to show you how to make large dinosaur skeleton puzzles out of cardboard boxes. You may have seen small 3D wood puzzles at your local craft/hobby store. This is basically the same thing, only several times larger. Materials The primary material that you need for …By: DIYHacksAndHowTosContinue Reading »
How To Change A Flat Tire

Get Materials A pump, an extra tire, and the tire changing tools Check To Make Sure The Tire Is Flat Press on tire to check sir pressure. Release Brake And Take Tire Off All you have to do is loosen the brake and unscrew and take off the tire. Taking The Tire Off Use the tire changing t…By: enelson8Continue Reading »
Sneaking liquor into a baseball game

Like most other folks living in a major city in the United States, I like going to baseball games. 40,000+ screaming fans, hanging out with your friends, peanuts and Cracker Jack… what’s not to like? Oh, that’s right. The extremely inflated price of booze. How ballparks get away with charging $10…By: thirtytwoutsideContinue Reading »
Personalized Kids Decor

Want a certain wall decor you saw online? but it’s too expensive with shipping? or it’s not in the color you want? Well…that was the case of a friend we had. She had little boys and wanted to decorate their room…but the picture she saw online was well…not in Sri Lanka…and shipping would cost…By: shizy25Continue Reading »