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Minute Differences

This simple twist on the wall clock ever-so-slightly changes the order of things to give it an entirely unique aesthetic and new way to read the time! Instead of an hour hand, the entire face of the clock is actually a spinning disc with a cut-out portion that reveals the changing numbers underneath. In a number of different colors and patterns, the user can choose the perfect match to their parti


Whistle Aid

The Whistle is a simple glow-in-the-dark blowing implement that survivors buried under rubble can use to attract attention. The compact size and ball-shape make them easy to roll into the rubble area and thanks to their glow, they can be easily located. I suppose the rescue team has to throw in a handful, in the hope that someone catches one and blows the whistle. Whistle is a 2013 IDEA Awards ent
Sea Breeze At Home

Ever miss the ocean and the fresh sea breeze? Well, with the Electrolux SEAbreeze you can bring home the ocean! This device is an indoor air quality control system that works with seawater and exudes balmy sea breeze within the room. It even works as a dehumidifier and a humidifier, which evaporates seawater with positive health impacts. It even transforms the sea water to drinking water! How awes
Fridge of the Future

Chances are, your upright refrigerator has more than a few items long overdue to be theown out. It’s in part due to our increasingly hectic schedules, but also because the design isn’t conducive to food organization and management. Future Connect refrigeration ditches the large fridge/freezer combo for a modular system of refrigerating units that compartmentalize meals in trays that can also be us
New Home for Raspberry Pi

Now that the insanely small Raspberry Pi single-board computer is everywhere, so are a number of accessories that showcase the design. Here, the microcomp becomes an integral part of a pencil holder and therefore the desk! Called Desky Deak, it keeps the lil guy protected and accessible while showcasing its mini size. Designer: Francesco Rodighiero – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore