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Repairing car remote keyfob with Sugru

My volvo keyfob had cracked last time I replaced the battery.  I stuck it back together with gaffer tape until I had time to repair or replace it.  Sugru to the rescue! It is hard to see but the whole top area is cracked and missing pieces.  The white reside is from the tape.  clean up the tape r…By: BradMartinsonContinue Reading »
Tumbling Watermelon

As the theme suggests” Play with Food”, so I too decided to make an interesting instructable for my little cute bro! and so I came up here with a tumbling toy made out of a watermelon 😀                                                                     The Process All you need is a watermelon and…By: Archit GuptaContinue Reading »
Cucumber Limeade

Refreshing limeade with a hint of cucumber for a sensational and refreshing taste. http://www.savynaturalista.com/2013/08/28/cucumber-limeade/   Cucumber Limeade Recipe: Adapted From Lemonade  3-4 huge cucumbers (about 4 heaping cups) 1 1/2 cups lime juice 2 cups sugar 1 c…By: savynaturalistaContinue Reading »
How to Use a Wallpaper Stripper

Watch this HSS Hire instructional video on how to use a wallpaper stripper. By: HSS SalesContinue Reading »
make plant pots

This is a simple guide on how to make a plant pot. gather your supplies You will need: a big yougort pot (or a porridge container) string pva glue paint brush paint water scissors (not pictured) 1st step wrap the string around the yougort container. tie a knot at the start and the end of the c…By: ilya128Continue Reading »
Applying Pros Aide 3D Transfers

This is a  lesson on  the preparation, application and removal of  3D Pros Aide Transfers. We will be applying a set of orbital ridge transfers for a Zombie make up. You will need:- * The transfers (on released acetate) * Water slide paper * Barrier/Sealer Spray * Adhesive * Remover * Residue remov…By: skinslipContinue Reading »
DIY Frosted Privacy Windows

Hello there, this is my first Instructable and I thought I’d share the method I used to create privacy windows in my home.  It’s a combination of two methods I have seen pretty widely used, but with some experimenting I achieved the results I wanted — a consistent look, a good level of privacy, and…By: RighMeowContinue Reading »
Mobile Wok Box Club – Circle Graphic Application Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTES BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please read through these application instructions very carefully. Have at least 2 people to apply these circle graphics. Allow yourself a minimum of 1 hour of uninterrupted time to complete this application.   It is best to apply these graphics a…By: WB-CL Franchise TrainingContinue Reading »
Gluten Free Pizza

I have problems with wheat, not Celiac disease, but allergy to wheat.  It runs in my family.  There are some things that I just miss that have wheat flour in them.  I  have come up with a several of recipes that have a GOOD substitute for wheat.  This is one of them.  This recipe has two parts: Th…By: craftknowitallContinue Reading »
Chocolate caramel shortbread

This recipe is very cool and easy. Eventough it seems hard, it isn’t, but it has some steps. With a little bit of patient and will you’ll make a delicious dessert or snack to satisfy your craves for sweets. Let’s start! Ingredients Ingredients    – Shortbread        – 115gr of butter        – 17…By: npereira2Continue Reading »
Jelly Roll Rail Fence

Use Jelly Roll strips to piece this reversible quilt-as-you-go project. Designed by Fiona Law, made by Sally Stevens and Sadie Yeomans, from an article on http://www.popularpatchwork.com/ Materials Note that the requirements are based on fabrics with a minimum usable width of 42in     One Jelly R…By: MyHobbyStoreContinue Reading »
Lego Minecraft!

So I was looking on Jinx for some Minecraft stuff and I stumbled upon a Lego Minecraft set. I thought that was awesome and so I looked at it closer and I was seriously disappointed. 30 bucks for this tiny little thing with not even a block high Steve. I wanted Minecraft stuff for minifigures, do I d…By: CreationBoy-Continue Reading »
My First Circuit: A Blinking LED

I an really thankful for Instructables and JameCo(http://jameco.com/) for the opportunity to learn an be part of such ah awesome community! When I received my bag of goodies, I had no idea what to do with them. I did know that LEDs would be involved add there were quite a few of them. I also learne…By: DragonDonContinue Reading »
Top 5 IPad Applications The Best Application For Your New Tablet

Apple iPad is the most popular electronic device. Due to its sleek design and efficient portability it is considered as the best slate for internet-surfing, emailing and other plenty of activities. According to a research conducted by Apple, 375,000 iPad applications were released worldwide. Your ta…By: tablettutorialhubContinue Reading »
How to make a super banana smoothie/milkshake

Hello everybody! Today on the menu is a realy easy and tasty banana smoothie. I really like fruit and one of my favorite ones is banana, so I enjoy i in very diferent ways and on is in a smoothie. Let’s start! Get ready! Ingredients:   – Bananas ( about 1 per person)   – Milk ( about 250 ml per …By: npereira2Continue Reading »
Halloween 2013 MTF Reptilia Makeup

Watch me transform from male to female reptile “reptilia” as I like to call it. Using 3 liquid latex prosthetics I made at home for under $10 and basic makeup you too can wear this look. Very different and unique look for Halloween or to perform. Hope you guys enjoy this look and I will be working o…By: EscobarCreations2013Continue Reading »
What Are Trampoline Accessories and Where to Find Them?

Looking forward to buy trampoline parts or accessories? These are a few essential items which can actually make your stay comfortable and hassle free. Well, you will find several such accessories – some are really necessary while others are available to enhance your experience and make you really co…By: justtrampoline12Continue Reading »
Chocolate Balls

Hi everybody. Today I will show you how to make easy and tasty Chocolate Balls. This is a simple way of making tasty treats for guests. Read through the instructable before starting so you can understand what is needed. I hope the instructions are simple to understand and that you enjoy making them….By: DensityContinue Reading »
How to Host a Poker Party Right

Ready to host a poker party for your friends but confused how to go about it? Well, hosting a poker party is easy but only when you plan well in advance. A perfect poker party needs some planning and if you are hosting such a party for the first time, you will first have to make some preparations. S…By: EarnestMoleContinue Reading »
Harry Potter Party

null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null By: slayer_baroshContinue Reading »
Creating Large Format Rubber Stamps

A local artist approached me to see if I could produce some rubber stamps so that she could mark her limited edition prints. However when one works with artists and you get talking ideas start to flow so we moved on to produce some large format laser engraved stamps of line drawings. This Instructab…By: Mindmapper1Continue Reading »
3DSp1(`�� 123D Catch �g �!� W

123D Catch/ >1gG 3D!���w iOSH LbH�O�hH, ��� http://www.123dapp.com/catch �� (�/O�hH http://apps.123dapp.com/catch/ ((Catch� – �g/s. gG�(� �� 3D!��(� �gM��   a. ��iS ��L�g ‘��20 �� � �M =��GI�4sҦ   b. =� � ���Ҧ   c. :��0}�H� (iS h�>n�� &��a   d. �g� – ���iS   e. sͺi _�=��…By: Angie.JieliContinue Reading »
Sturdy Quadcopter Build

This is my first instructables that I decided to post. I was obsessed by these amazing flying machines for quite a while until I ended up coming across some fantastic How-To guides on YouTube that made me realize building a Quad wasn’t as hard as it sounded. After many days of in depth research and …By: Chris_SchroederContinue Reading »
Headphone Hack

Tired of throwing away nice headphones because the cord wears out?  Or maybe you are tired of replacing the plug on the end?  This is a fix that will help you headphones last for years to come (in theory). Some High-end headphones (such as Sennheiser) have a connector on the earphone instead of a f…By: KepsterContinue Reading »
Sugru Camera Viewfinder Fix

Fix a broken viewfinder for a camera.  Take one packet of Sugru and form around the viewfinder.   Let it settle.   Now less light in your eye from your surroundings!  By: AntiMidasContinue Reading »
Sugru Wooden Spoon Spatula

Simple way to combine a wooden spoon and a spatula.   Take one packet of Sugru and shape it around one edge of the wooden spoon.   This makes it great for non stick pans. By: AntiMidasContinue Reading »
Gift box from tea box

Did you ever notice how some brands of tea have beautiful designs on the inside of the box?  To me, they are like little gifts from the packaging designer.  I have been passing them on (inside out) for years as gift boxes.  Mostly, I will write the name of the friend it is going to.  But there is so…By: likablueContinue Reading »
Sugru Hammer Helper

A quick and simple tool to help save your fingers.   1.) Take 2 packets of Sugru.   2.) Roll it into a small oval. 3.) Squeeze between your fingers to form a vertical and horizontal platform.   4.) Pierce the horizontal platform with a nail and slice with a blade from the hole to the edge.   5.) Af…By: AntiMidasContinue Reading »
Tutorial: How to Install Zagg Invisibleshield on an iPad 2

Learn how to install the Zagg Invisibleshield on your iPad 2.  This tutorial will work for any iPad including the original, 3, and 3 Retina. Check out my web site! http://nukem384.blogspot.com By: nukem384Continue Reading »
Tiny Blaster

I had some extra Sugru after my car remote fix. I didn’t want it to go to waste so I made a tiny baster. I made the yellow and red blaster out of simple colored clay so I used it as a reference. I first got the main shape of the blaster and then prepared the shape of the details to be attached. …By: artnerdrayContinue Reading »