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Getting It Fresh and Pure

The Aro is a very well designed air purifier that focuses on the user experience and innovation. It features mood lights and aroma dispensing based on the moods of the people in the room. To do this, it integrates a voice recognition system that senses the mood and tone of the voice and makes adjustments accordingly. Sweet! Designer: Giuk Choi – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful
Water Exclamation

Inspired by the exclamation mark, the Salva Faucet is an expression towards water conservation. It works in a way that you get to adjust the water temperature of the water without having to waste any water. The simple control bar makes it easy for you to use it. Edgy and innovative! Designer: Jung Jun Park – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop
Easy Spray for Refs

Currently, the marker that referees use to show the position of “free-kick” and “defensive walls” in soccer games isn’t much different than a simple can of classic spray paint…. and if you’ve ever held a can of spray paint, you know it’s not exactly light or ergonomic. This innovation on referee spray solves these two issues, making it more compact, ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to use. After a
The Yin and Yang of iSound

The two halves of the Opus portable speaker system hold your iDevices firmly in place at an ideal viewing angle, turning the meager stock sound from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod into a room filling resonance. For portability, the two halves use magnets to snap and stay together. Genius! Designers: Sanjeet Das, James Wilde & Jess Baker – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful conce
Big Dreams for Little People!

I was obsessed with the original Ostrich Pillow, but now you’re telling me there’s an adorably smaller version? I. Can’t. Even. Breathe!! Named the Ostrich Pillow Junior, it turns sleepy tots into serious power nappers. It’s a wearable microenvironment where kids can recharge! — While I was love-stalking the designers at StudioBananaTHiNGS, I found their hilarious version of the Harlem Shake! It’s