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There are lot many software available online and for different purpose that if you plan to download even some of them you will be really frustrated with the installation process of each of them. Some tools even take longer to install but this is something that we don’t have a choice with.

What if there is some option to run a software without actually installing it in our systems? Wouldn’t that be great? Well here is a tool (yet another tool lol) called as Zero Install that lets you run some software in your machine without actually having the need to install in the system.


What you all need to do is just download this tool, install it in the machine and let it manage all the future software installations. Zero Install already has some apps listed in the catalog which you can use and if you are looking for some other app, then just add the application to the list and run it from there.

What Zero Install does is, it caches the software the moment it is downloaded from the internet and run it directly from the cache memory when you click the Run button. This not only provides us with the benefit of skipping the installation but also lets us run the software without requiring the admin privileges.

Zero Install is available in three modes, single usermulti user and as portable tool, however if you are looking for some detailed instructions on the tool, then follow this link.
Zero Install works on all versions of Windows but required .Net framework 2.0 or higher for the operation. If you are impressed by the tool then give it a try from the link below.

Download Zero Install