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Compact Bedroom Workstation

Materials: 2 Billy Bookshelves, Norberg Table, Lindmon Tabletop, Vattna Wall Clock, Sultan bed slats, drywall screws, wood screws, washers, latex-based construction caulk, television flush mount, Forstner Drill bit Description: In need of a 30″ desk with ample storage to utilize between our two closets, I racked my brain to find a solution. I toyed with custom-building a cabinet, but finally
RIBBA Unplugged

Materials: Ribba LED picture light (201.807.26), 9v battery, snap connector, solder, soldering gun Description: Love the high end look of the RIBBA LED picture light, but hate the look of the wires dangling underneath to the power outlet. This hack allows you to have the functioning light, without seeing those ugly wires. Simply splice and solder the snap connector to the two wires a