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Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets

So I wanted to create some storage in my garage. I saw there was a lot of unused space at the top of my walls. So I decided I could make a 24″ deep shelf all the way around to store my plastic storage totes. I priced out the heavy duty brackets at 24″. They ran $10 a piece. I needed 17 so I just m…By: 1ofakindworkContinue Reading »
Cabinet Making Projects: Dovetails

Ben Plewes talks us through the dovetail joints he made for his dining room shelves. The article was originally published on http://www.getwoodworking.com These shelves are one of a set of three for our dining room. My better half wanted a simple storage solution for our ever increasing collection …By: MyHobbyStoreContinue Reading »
Double Helix Keychain

This is a instructable about a paracord cord two colored double helix keychain. Cost: A few dollars for the paracord. Time: 5-10 min Supplies For this awesome tutorial you will need something to cut with (scissors, or knife), a lighter, a foot of one color and 1 1/4 arms lengths of the other co…By: swim_guy5150Continue Reading »
8×8 LED Matrix Display

  4 digit  8×8 LED Matrix Display  1, 4 8X8 LED MATRIX  2, 4x 74HC595  IC  3, ULN2803   IC  3, PIC16F877A  Micro controller   By: Jestin_CubetechContinue Reading »
How to 3D print from your iphone/ipod or computer, no printer needed!

Mecube 1 way to 3D print from your phone is an app called mecube. Get it on the iOS app store, and you are able to make pixel 3D prints. Take the tutorial on the app! It is also a website, here is the link. http://mecube.com/ Sculpteo Sculpteo is a website where you can upload your own 3D wor…By: ilikecake3Continue Reading »
Milk Jug Butterflies

These are a great way to decirate and super easy!! Have fun! 😀 Materials Old milk jug Scissors Sharpie or paint Tacky ( for putting on wall) Piece of paper Cut Cut a sheet out of ugly our jug it should look something of a rectangle Trace Trace a butterfly on paper then trace that onto the…By: jujubee31Continue Reading »
How To Make A Duct Tape Ipod Case

This is how to make a duct tape ipod case to use when you are not using your ipod touch. Shuffle and nano cases coming soon! Step One Get a self healing cutting mat, Xacto knife, and 2 kinds if duct tape(one print and one solid color). Step Two Measure your iPod and cut a piece of solid color…By: SockMonkey4077Continue Reading »
The Ghettoblaster with eyebrows

Hey, this is my latest project it’s my selfmade Ghettoblaster with a 12V battery and (of course :D) RGB-LEDs . Is anybody interested in a step by step on how I built this thing?:) By: led_freakContinue Reading »
Folder/File Locking batch file

Hello Now you can easily lock your file or folder in windows without any software. i have created a batch file for it. you can download it from here [size : 1 MB] [Here I am asking for Download because it contains more than 1000 line which i cant write here] http://errorcode401.blogspot.in/2013/06/…By: mvaghadiyaContinue Reading »
how to make a bodyguard in minecraft!

this is a turorial on how you can practically have a bodyguard in minecraft. that means protection against your stuff from griefers on realms! when they try to walk past, they will get hit by a cactus. the trick only works in survival,but i will build it in creative.please if you have any questions …By: funnyfun342Continue Reading »
A Heartbeat as a Health Check

We are Cougar Robotics and this is for the Instructables Sponsorship Program.  Note: Let me begin by stating that this is currently (as of Aug 30, 2013) ruled illegal by the FTC game rules but we are working with the game design committee on a clarification to allow this feature.  What we we have …By: robotjoey4251Continue Reading »
Static Electricity Detector

We are Cougar Robotics 4251 and this is for the Instructables Sponsorship Program.  What You’ll Need Parts: 1. NTE-326 Transistor 2. 1 Meg Reistor 3. LED (we like “Super Green”) 4. 9V Battery Terminals 5. 9V Battery Tools: 1. Soldering Iron 2. Wire clip holding helper (not necessary but helpf…By: robotjoey4251Continue Reading »
Fixing my bedside lamp

Hola! My name is Ruben Orta and I am going to show you how I fixed my lamp during the Sugru Build Night that we host at MakeSpace Madrid some weeks ago. I enjoyed very much It was like come back to school and play again with my play-dough. Setup First of all we need to extend the sugru like a thi…By: rorta maganContinue Reading »
cloud BB MG

i just made this cloud BB MG, its fully portable and easy to operate. i got the idea from nightharkinlight  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME1BcEcBD9I you should look at this cos it shows how to build it well. i just modified the design  the barrel the barrel is 6 mm, I used a aluminium arrow sh…By: JewsonContinue Reading »
Model Flying: Perfecting the Roll

Originally an article from http://www.modelflying.co.uk/ Peter Rondel talks us through how to perform a spectacular roll with a model aeroplane. The roll is a very pretty manoeuvre that has many variations, and to perform perfectly is quite a challenge on both pilot and model. A roll, of sorts, ca…By: MyHobbyStoreContinue Reading »
Top 5 Things to Consider for Buying Professional Camera

Every single camera, from a small laptop webcam to a professional full-frame camera, works along the same set of principles. It is nearly impossible to avoid using a camera in this current world, as trend of photography is on its peak. Photography is certainly a field which has something for everyon…By: hurtlegearContinue Reading »
How to Build an Internet Controlled Mars Rover

This Instructable will explain everything you need to know to build an internet controlled all terrain robot. This one just happens to be modelled on the Mars Curiosity rover. This robot is controllable from any internet enabled device so you can control this thing on the other side of the planet (o…By: mashorterContinue Reading »
R/C Rope Climber

This is my eighth instructable. It is a remote controlled vehicle built with Lego that is capable of travelling along a rope.   By: mindstorm001Continue Reading »
Top 5 Tips to Save Money of Custom-made Flags

An effective advertisement has ability to grab the attention of spectators and convert them into customers. Companies and the brand owners finances events for this purpose only. Custom-made flags have a great positive effect on a business. In whatsoever business someone is involved in, these flags c…By: theflagmakersContinue Reading »
Mobius Interlocking Bagels

Ok, so the mathematicians among you will point out that they’re not quite Mobius bagels, but they are interesting from a geometry and topological viewpoint. And tasty. We’re going to make two inter-locking half bagels, which look quite impressive, just from a plain old normal bagel. They key is cut…By: kram01Continue Reading »
CardBoard HeadPhones

Do you have some old broken Headphones, or perhaps a headset that needs repairs to its frame, or just maybe you want one that looks good and is easy to make and fix! If so then you have come to a good instructable Items Needed: * Means you don’t need it Cardboard Packaging Tape or Duct Tape …By: ML_2517Continue Reading »
Dubble Bubble Man’s Squash Home

Dubble Bubble Man is a little dude made of candy such as marshmallows and bubble gum. His home is made of a big squash. He carved it himself. Here is where he lives and hangs out (most of the time). Here are some neat things about his squash house: Neat Stuff Dubble Bubble Man’s hand-carved house…By: duckingtonContinue Reading »
Garage car detecor without a microcontroller

At the end of this instructable you will be able to detect your car as it approaches the wall inside your garage, signalling you that the car is inside far enough so you can close the door. Most car sensors will use a microprocessor to help calculate the distance of an approaching car when entering…By: IRQ_EEContinue Reading »
New Life for a USB stick

I have a cheap 1Gb USB stick. The case always comes off when try to unplug it. But this stick is one of the most used in my arsenal. It boots Hiren’s Boot CD while all the other sticks are too busy “holding files”. Once upon a time a 1Gb stick would have cost you near $1000, now they are kind of j…By: benderTXContinue Reading »
Awesome Paper Airplane: The Marz Fighter

Introduction: This is one of my favorite paper airplane that I have designed this year. I hope everyone will like it. If so I will create more videos to share my other design with everyone, especially kids. Restriction: All paper airplanes I design in this collection will have NO cutting, no taping…By: TriKdAnGContinue Reading »
The Best Paper Airplane to Play Indoor: The Cyco

This is one of my best paper airplanes. I consider this is the best paper airplane because it can fly back to you, and it is super simple to make. Because my house is small, I designed this one to play in my house. Hope everyone will like it.  * Note that this paper airplane is my own design. It ha…By: TriKdAnGContinue Reading »
roof rack

Object: Wanted to make inexpensive roof rack.  Discovered the factory rails were triangular without any channels.  This worried me at first but helped force a design that is possible for use with many different rails/vehicles. A)  materials:  J channel from the electrical section of your local har…By: forappContinue Reading »
How To Eat Poop

Step 1 First it gonna need some poop So just wait till u shit and wella poop galore Step 2 Make shore it poop is nice and not moldy But most of all make shore it’s happy Eat It Step 3 Now pick it up slowly Lick it Taste it Then shove it in ur mouth and chew chew Algone Done Step 4 Ur …By: cdog22Continue Reading »