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Wii Fit Trainer? Seriously? 4 Other Characters We Didn’t Ask For In Smash Bros

Dear Nintendo, We, your fans, haven’t bought the Wii U yet. It’s not because of the stupid name – though it would be hard to think of a worse one. Wii4u&me? WiiABC123? Wii McGee from Alpha Centuri 3? Wii U is dumber than all of those. Anyway, like I was saying: it’s not the name. And it’s not that you turned your controller into a tablet, or the low specs. There are some underrated Wii U featu
Four Easy Sugru Recipes To Make Your Own Awesome Smartphone Case

Do you own an expensive phone, gadget or camera and can’t find a case? That’s a common problem nowadays with the huge variety of gizmos on the market. Fortunately, you can craft your own protective gear from relatively inexpensive and simple materials. I found four design styles for creating your own case using Sugru, a Flubber-like substance. The four styles: Adding a full bumper, bumper nubs, ze
Make Your Own Temperature Controller with an Arduino

Raise the perfect bread, brew beautiful beer, and rear happy chicks with an Arduino temperature controller. If you live in a less than reliable climate like England, directions that tell you to keep something at a set temperature aren’t particularly helpful – we don’t have air conditioners, and raising the thermostat for the whole house isn’t practical for just making a loaf of bread. Even kept in
How To Make Videos Your Friends Will Want To Share

What if you created the next viral video? Most of time, videos go viral without ever intending to do so. I mean, check this out: a baby talks into a camera and it gets over 500 million views. Who would have ever guessed something like that would garner so much attention? This seems to be true for most of the popular viral videos. Now, let’s say you want to create videos that spread like wildfire a
Sony Xperia Z Review and Giveaway

This post is about a surprise; it’s about a comeback, and about how a determined company can listen, learn, and make something beautiful once again. It’s about the Sony Xperia Z, a premium, powerful, and waterproof Android smartphone that made me rethink what’s important to me about a phone. And if I sound enamored, well, you can read on to see what made a longtime Samsung user ditch the South Kor