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Convincing yourself to get a skateboard and kick board at the same time is kinda resource drain. So how about this cool innovative option called the 2 – n – 1 Board. A sexy merger of the two, this cool board morphs itself seamlessly from one to the others with ease. Simply kitsch! Designer: Jeong Woo Park – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop
Workout For A Clean Home

Orbita is an appliance that uses the energy created by body movement as energy source of the appliance. This gives you the liberty to spend more time on tasks that your enjoy rather than cleaning up the house. Although its not explained how, but the system syncs in such a way that while sweat it out in a workout, the energy expended by you can be used to do some cleaning by Orbita. An interesting
Not your mother’s moped.

Though it’s almost 130 years old, the Piaggio brand is renowned for transportation that’s just plain different. The Piaggio PAM expands on this with a partially enclosed structure filled with smart-features like calibrated seat adjustment, photovoltaic solar energy-harvesting material, a HUD windshield, GPS navigation and even safety airbags. Like Piaggio’s MP3 scooter, the PAM also uses 3 wheels
Flat Pack Pendant

Don’t be fooled by the VANITY pendant lamp’s name… because it’s not as fancy as it sounds, which is exactly its appeal. The angular, seemingly complex shape is actually a single sheet of felt material creatively folded to form a sharp-looking shade. Flat-pack ready and easy to transport or store, it’s an easy and efficient choice for a illuminating living spaces. Designer: Rodrigo Vairinhos for N
We encourage you to graffiti!

Psychologists have studied vandalism for years and found that boredom, peer pressure and revenge are often the cause. But it’s often overlooked that it’s also kinda fun! Just ask Banksy! This picture frame concept, Vadalijst, allows you to insert your favorite photos and vandalize them by doodling silly things with a whiteboard marker. Mustaches, monocles, capes and more… the options are endless!