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Mid Century Modern Doll Furniture Chair and Coffee Table

Materials: 8″ and 5″ Blanda Matt Bowls, Tolsby picture frame base, 4 disposable wooden chopsticks (preferable the round kind), foam board Description: To make the chair: Step 1: Take the round base of the Tolsby picture frame and position the 8″ Blanda Matt Bowl on its side at an approximate 75degree angle on top of the white base. Step 2: Make a mark on where the white base will be glued
Built in Pax Wardrobes for Alcoves

Materials: Pax, Komplement clothes rail and drawers, MDF, 4×2, Description: 1. Build a frame to fit your space using 4×2 timbers- think about how you’ll use your wardrobe and affix additional timbers to the sides for the runners you’ll need for your drawers, shoe racks, baskets etc. 2. Take an Ikea Komplement clothes rail and remove the end. Then, using a jigsaw, cut to size to fit the wardro
Improved and lowered Malm Nightstand

Materials: 2x MALM Chest with 2 drawers, black-brown Description: We bought two small Malm Chests as nightstands but I the height of them annoyed me real quick. So we cut off the lower half of each Malm and attached the remaining pieces to the back so you’d receive a nightstand looking like the old Malm nightstand. We added a power socket to the top and mounted our selfmade lamps to the

AUG 30

Jansjo flower lamp

Materials: Jansjo lamp and yogurt bottle Description: Cut the yoghurt bottle into the right length to form the petals. Slice into strips and bend them over to the neck of the bottle. Stick the strips onto the neck of the bottle and secure with a zip tie. Cut a hole in the bottle cap to allow the Jansjo lamp to go through. Place the lamp through the flower shade and you’re done. ~ lo