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Electric Height Adjustable Desk

I really wanted a geek desk, but they’re like 1,000 dollars. So I built my own for about 200 bucks (not including top). This is simply a regular desk that can rise up with a push of a button and turn into a standing desk. It takes about one minute to raise, speedier linear actuators are expensive.  …By: jwilcottContinue Reading »

Umbrella holder for camp chair

I usually use camp chair for sketch out door. Some time, i find out a good position for sketch but it’s so hot because of sunny. You know, there is more than 6 months of sunny in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam. So, I need an umbrella. I made this umbrella holder for my camp chair can easy change there h…By: Ma Hong SonContinue Reading »

Pastilele de slabit eficiente

Oricine a avut vreodata probleme cu kilogramele in plus, fie ele mai multe sau mai putine, s-a gandit in mod sigur ca i-ar placea sa se trezeasca a doua zi fara surplusul nedorit. In realitate asta in mod sigur nu se poate intampla, dar dintre metodele rapide pentru slabire pastilele sunt cele mai c…By: Slabim NaturalContinue Reading »


Paracord Knife Wrap

Materials 1.scissors 2.lighter 3.approx 5′ of paracord 4.bear grylls knife or similar Begining The Wrap Take the two ends of paracord and insert them into the small holes closest to the blade Pull both strands evenly Follow visual instructions Continue Continue accordingly as visual i…By: averoningarContinue Reading »
Custom Trailer Distribution

The official trailer for Gudao, Lone Islet, by Margaret Blair. http://www.margaretblair.com/ – A survivor of World War II internment recalls cosmopolitan, pre-World War II Shanghai and three years as a prisoner of the Japanese army … A well-written, moving perspective on imprisonment, World War II a…By: margaretblair09Continue Reading »
Android Controlled Bluetooth Sumobot

Time to get pushy! This week I built a $90, Android controlled bluetooth bot. I finally decided to tweak my 1KG autonomous sumobot before competing in the nationals, just for fun. I added a $8 bluetooth module. It’s an Arduino-Android based, open source robot, you can pretty much do anything with it…By: ASCASContinue Reading »
money clip

how to make a money clip in tinker-cad By: AMMONITEaContinue Reading »
Restoring A Vintage Steamer Trunk

Trunk restoration is a combination of wood working, metal craft and leather work, so it helps to have some experience in all three fields. The hardest part of the entire project is in the preparation of the piece. Removing the old material covering (if it has one), stripping the paper lining and rem…By: antagonizerContinue Reading »
Trailer Distribution

Official trailer for Shanghai Scarlet, by Margaret Blair. http://www.margaretblair.com/ – A compelling, story of love, loss and adventure in the dangerous, jazzy and exhilarating world of conflicting political factions with their gangsters, in 1930s Shanghai. By: margaretblair6Continue Reading »
Making the Switch To Organic Living

Over the last few years, organic products have been increasingly popular all over the world. In almost every supermarket or grocery store, you will now see several shelves lined with organic food products.  But what is the reason behind all this interest in organic products? The answer is simple: …By: Isham101Continue Reading »
How to Make a FlipFold Using Cardboard

I was shopping at a store the other day when I saw one of the stores employees using a FlipFold to fold the stores shirts. I looked at the product, thinking about how simple it was but so efficient for someone like me who does not like to do the laundry. I wanted one but did not want to pay the $20 …By: AlexTechContinue Reading »
Remote Controlled Arduino Scoreboard using LED Strips

SCOREBOARDS ARE EXPENSIVE!  Not only that, very large 7-segment LEDs are expensive, too!  Scoreboards can give your team a sense of legitimacy.   After looking at scoreboards all over the internet, I thought to myself, hey, I don’t need to buy a scoreboard, I Could Make That!   My idea was to make a…By: boscopsoultraneContinue Reading »
Thor’s Hammer (Mj�lnir) Keychain

One of my friends is a huge fan of Thor, so for her birthday I was thinking it would be cool to give her some Thor paraphernalia. She already has a full-sized Mjölnir, so I decided to go small and give her a Mjölnir keychain. You can buy them, but I felt that it would be more special if I made her o…By: IzaleContinue Reading »
Lamborghini Aventador A-E2 . Ultimate Papercraft Supercar

OVERVIEW Having completed my Lamborghini Aventador Hot Pursuit papercrafts in early part of 2013, I got an unsettling urge to build another big model, after a two year break since my 7ft Gundam project. The idea was to build a near-life-size replica of my Aventador Interceptor model, but s…By: visualspicerContinue Reading »
Out Of The Map Glitch In Mc #1

Find It Find the end or barrier of your world Flying You have to fly where you see this Doing It Once your up walk towards the barrier and it will let you pass Finish You may fail some times just make sure you are going the right way and are above the clouds and stop flying and u sho…By: drewmyster15Continue Reading »
FIN money holder

hi, this is my first instructable…i tried to use 123 design to make a different clip money…and this is the result! i’ve made it in 2 hours, learning the software and making it. i’ve had used the ipad 2…it’s very simple and quicky to use! Let me start! Begin start with “primitivesbasic” an…By: cepi85Continue Reading »
PVC Recycle Bags Holder

Have you seen the nice containers used to separate your recyclables? Want a quick and easy way to make some your self that look rather nice? Where I live there is not a program to pick up recyclables at my curb and we have to take them to the recycle center.  Of course taking them there is much ea…By: QazmonContinue Reading »
Woodturning Technique: Making a Lattice

Ralph Harvey shows http://www.getwoodworking.com  how to make a lattice. To turn the ball you will need a piece of timber the size of the required ball plus 2mm X diameter plus 20 – 30mm & a template to the required radius of the ball. Mount the Timber Next mount the timber between centres and turn the…By: MyHobbyStoreContinue Reading »
Fastened Bag

These are steps on how to make a simple bag to store receipts, writing instruments, or any other objects. You will need the following: 1. Thread 2. Scissors 3. Sewing Machine 4. Decorative Fabric 5. Lining Fabric 6. Small Button 7. Ribbon/Trim 8. Needle Fabric Pieces Cut out your fabric in rect…By: RyunadeContinue Reading »
Want to fly 3D?

Andy Ellison from RCM&E Magazine is your guide. D flying has come a long way since Paul Heckles took his WOT4 to the limit with countless ‘3D’ machines now available. Many years ago I was shopping for bits in Steve Webb Models of Frodsham when the man himself collared me and, somewhat excitedly, wh…By: MyHobbyStoreContinue Reading »
Name Every Fictional Movie Toy And Action Figure From Every Movie From Cgi To Live Action

There are thousands of fictional movie toys ever shown on a movie that you just wish they existed or they would have a better replicated version of them in real life. There are some fictional movie toys that were disappointing because of the way they were produced during the time. Some toys didn’t e…By: Najmyman100Continue Reading »
How to paint a flower pot with textured spray paint

I have always be fascinated by the textured spray paint, so I thought I would try it out. I used Rust-oleum’s Mulitcolor Textured spray paint on a plastic flower pot. It gives a plane plastic flower pot some life. It is pretty easy to do. All the texture is, is a really fine sand, mixed with an ad…By: WildmanProjectContinue Reading »
Vodka bottle Lamp

You just need a spare empty VODKA bottle and one 1W or more LED lamp By: ashuinfyContinue Reading »


Low cost LM386 based guitar amplifier

Took reference from LM386 datasheet and below websites. http://www.electrosmash.com/little-gem-analysis (pin 7 is not ground, but in schematic it is grounded) http://www.runoffgroove.com/littlegem.html Here is my video while I was testing it with my acoustic guitar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T…By: ashuinfyContinue Reading »
Remote control car – My real car RC controlled !

Everybody seem to build something remote controlled, So I though – Why not to control my REAL car (Toyota Corolla 2007) with a remote ?! It took lots of time, few major technological barriers (Reading the remote with Arduino, controlling transistors, DC motor) but it works ! Since I’ll divide …By: wavegmContinue Reading »
Basic Arduino Beginning Circuit

CHECK OUT THE TECHSHOP. TECHSHOP.WS. this is going to be a basic circuit with 2 LEDs and 1 switch. we are going to be using the arduino uno. the circuit is going to perform like: when nothing is pressed the red light will stay on when the button is pressed then the led will switch to the green one w…By: Brucker IndustriesContinue Reading »
K’nex roller coaster

My first finished roller coaster. It took me about 2 months to build, but was overall pretty easy. I will be uploading a video soon. Please, no critisism.  By: hi1Continue Reading »
Chocolate Cupcakes

I like to make a big batch of these and freeze them in a large ziploc bag.  That way I can pull out just one or two cupcakes at a time whenever the mood strikes.    These are not soft/fluffy/spongy cupcakes…they are dense and sturdy with a rich chocolate taste.  You would think that they would hav…By: GlutenFreeMamaContinue Reading »
RC Control and Arduino: A Complete Works

In this instructable I will bring you along on my journey of learning how to add RC control using an Arduino microcontroller. Unlike other Instructables or blogs, I will include all the information I can even if it isn’t directly related to the project.  I’m doing this for two reasons, first is that…By: charels88Continue Reading »
Divining rods (aka Dowsing Rods) w/ Tube Straightening Technique

I made it at Techshop. http://www.techshop.ws/   I have enjoyed finding old items to make. I remember my uncle using a wooden divining rod when I was a kid. If divining rods actually work or not, I am not going to debate it. I wanted to show how I created my version of the divining rods.   …By: Fikjast ScottContinue Reading »
A cardboard televisor

Recently I saw a documentary about the history of the television.  And to my surprise they showed that there existed a mechanical television before the well known CRT televisions. Those mechanical televisions or televisors were pretty smart and simple. A CRT is simply an electron beam that scans a…By: SparticlesContinue Reading »
wooly jumper to cushion

Make a snuggly jumper using an old or unloved wool jumper.  I added an applique design from a cushion i made previously.  Start by cutting the arms off. Then accross the shoulders and down the sides. Use the seams as guides. Next make the front and the back pieces into  rectangle shapes. You can …By: winneyandroseContinue Reading »
Remote Control Shower and Bath

Imagine for a moment, as you wake, while checking-in… social media, text and email, you start the shower in bed with ease and convenience of a touch of a button, suddenly your internet enabled switch has turned on the shower from your mobile device, as you wait for the water to preheat, conserving t…By: clemens2jamesContinue Reading »
Washi Tape Pencil

I made these really cute washi tape pencils and it is super easy Lets Start Get a pencil and your color washi tape Measure Measure the tape against the pencil cut then stick it against the pencil then do the same on the other side Done Now your pencil is done so have fun! By: Aly GuizarContinue Reading »
Glass Tumbler: Customized Lasercut Glasses using Lasercut Rotary Tool

Turn a line drawing your friend made on a piece of paper into a customized tumbler. Materials: 1.  A dozen glass tumblers ($10 at Bed Bath and Beyond) 2.  Art work (My friend texted me a line drawing me she made, and I cleaned it up in photoshop and illustrator) 3.  Lasercutting machine with Rotary…By: emilyshoreContinue Reading »
DIY $45 FPV Goggles for RC Quad Copters or Planes

In my opinion the best way to enjoy FPV is with video goggles. Sadly the cheapest FPV goggles out there is around $150. $150 I don’t have. So i came up with a solution! A DIY pair you can make for $45! Sure the experience isn’t as great as what you would get from a Fatshark or other high end FPV gog…By: ScratchBuiltAircraftContinue Reading »
how to make a glitch elevator in minecraft pe!

this is a very simple instructable in minecraft pe.it works in survival and creative. xxANNOUNCEMENTxx once i get 50 followers i will do a special instructable! materials door and stone make a wall with a door in the middle. add a giant stick as high as you want make a platform so you…By: funnyfun342Continue Reading »
Duct Tape Money Pocket

I’m going to be making a trifold money pocket. it only holds bills. What You Need you need 4 index cards, scissors, and duct tape.x acto knife is optional. Tape Two tape two index cards together at half way.then do the same for the other two. Tape Up The Middle tape up the parts that don’…By: condor117Continue Reading »
Minecraft House

Bottom Frame Do a 9X8 Frame and fill with planks Upper Frame Stack up with stone 7 High Glass Filling Fill with glass and fill ceiling with planks Door Put a door space, and fill with planks! Furniture Use Simple Furniture By: Camok44Continue Reading »
How to Make the Eye of Sauron Cake!

So I was baking a cake last night and while it was in the oven I looked around google to find some lord of the rings cake designs. While most of them would require years of baking skills but the Eye of Sauron cake looked pretty easy. So to do this you will need chocolate frosting, cake of course, wh…By: HPandLOTRContinue Reading »
Learning About Redstone in Minecraft

This is part 2 of a two part series where I show you the fundamentals of Redstone. Please look at the first part of this series before you look at this one. We will be looking at T- flip flops, RS norlaches, and gates, or gates, pulse lengtheners, and pulse shorteners. All of these are formal terms …By: nateus2Continue Reading »
Awesome Robot Guy

By: Me55Continue Reading »
Military Models: Scammell Pioneer R100

A conversion by Neil Craig from Military Modelling Magazine. The British Scammell Pioneer R100 was a Heavy Artillery Tractor used in the Second World War. The basic vehicle was used to tow heavy artillery such as the 7.2 inch howitzer. It had an 8-ton winch and an overhead runway with a 10-cwt hois…By: MyHobbyStoreContinue Reading »
Soft iPhone/ipod Home And Off Button

You need double sided tape and 3 foam rectangles Take one foam rectangle and put tape on it then cut the extra tape Put tape on the last two rectangles, your done By: Me55Continue Reading »
Desk Name tag

You will need a marker two equal cardboard pieces and tape Write your name on one cardboard Put tape on top of a cardboard Put the other piece of cardboard on the other end of the tape Fold and your done By: Me55Continue Reading »

This is a great way to get rid of annoying tube socks hav fun!! Materials Three colors if felt Old sock Hot glue or fabric glue Thread Scissors Stuffing Stuff Stuff the sick with a handful of stuffing holt tight Tie Take string wrap around a couple of times and knot Cut Cut the remainin…By: jujubee31Continue Reading »
How to build the perfect robot

this is just Tips and Advice this is just cover i made not real one but i am working on one like it i will soon done it on 2014. To build the perfect robot you must learn things will give you the ability to create it so the first thing is Mechanics 1.Mechanics: mechanics are really important t…By: CworkshopContinue Reading »
How to draw an eye in watercolour!

Over the holidays my daughter got really interested in art and started making this collage of eyes I thought it was really beautiful so I thought I’d let her do an instructable on how to make it. Sorry for any spelling mistakes! Supplies! Things you will need: Glue stick Sellotape Scissors Colou…By: Monster MuncherContinue Reading »
Outbuildings: Sheds

A shed is a perfect place for makers. null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null null …By: blkhawkContinue Reading »
Building Model Boats: HMS Ajax

One of Model Boats Magazine’s South African readers, Pat Keogh describes his latest model. When I think back over the years and when I started in 1975 purchasing my first set of plans from David McGregor, it strikes me as quite as humorous that it has taken so many years to actually start building …By: MyHobbyStoreContinue Reading »
Make a Stylish Shoulder Bag!

A stylish shoulder bag designed and made by Davina Thomas at Popular Patchwork. When Davina was asked to donate a quilt to a promises auction, she was put off by the terrible tales of quilts auctioned for less than the cost of the fabrics, disregarding the time and effort taken. Instead she promise…By: MyHobbyStoreContinue Reading »
Me Dude Evolved

Idea from ckbirchem just a little added on to his idea Just add the characters as follows Then this By: ngriffithContinue Reading »
Modify The HC-05 Bluetooth Module Defaults Using AT Commands

INTRODUCTION In this guide, I will explain how to change the settings of the ubiquitous HC-05 Bluetooth module using the AT command set. The HC-05 comes with a rich set of AT commands to perform various tasks such as changing the module’s default settings including changing the pass code, the devic…By: techbitarContinue Reading »
How To Make The Super StratoVulcan Paper Airplane

Fast, long range and versatile, the Super StratoVulcan is a simple but capable development of the StratoVulcan paper airplane. The Super StratoVulcan is designed to be able to better operate at higher angles than its predecessor, and has reconfigured leading edges like the comparable Turbo Vulcan an…By: OrigamiAirEnforcerContinue Reading »
Proper Cutting Safety

Recently, I have cut my self A LOT! Just got back from getting a bandage before writing this. I will give a few dos and don’ts. DON’T cut Close To Your Fingers I never cut close to myself unless completely required. DO Cut Away From Body Parts Always cut away from yourself, cut to the side. T…By: JesusGeekContinue Reading »

Get A Tibe Or A Cup Get A Crayon Put Water In A Glass In Crayons You Want To Peel Then What A Little Then Take It Out Then Peel By: felixg2Continue Reading »
How To Have An Unlimited-app Folder

Ever had a ton of apps in the same category, but couldn’t put them all in in one folder(multi-app holder). This tutorial will show you how to make that… Without jailbreaking!! WARNING!!! Once you put an app in, you can’t take it out unless you power off your device, then power it back on. This wil…By: zkerznerContinue Reading »
Eyeball! With Stem

Scare your friends with this gruesome DIY! : ) Materials You’ll need: 1. A fake eyeball 2. A cotton ball 3. Liquid school glue (you don’t need much) 4. A toothpick 5. Red, blue, and brown paint 6. A paper cup Optional: Gloss Make A Base Pour some glue into the paper cup. Then unroll your cot…By: GabeSJ15Continue Reading »
How To Install Scion FR-S LED Daytime Running Lights

With the recent arrival of the Toyota 86 or as how it is known here in the states, the Scion FR-S, it has been at the center of the aftermarket world. Unfortunately, for the car enthusiasts like us in the United States, we normally don’t get the same options and features that the original Japanese v…By: ilovejdmtoyContinue Reading »
My Survival Kit

It took me a long time to build this! I hope you enjoy and have as much fun as I did! Materials Swiss Army knife- mine isn’t a true Swiss knife, but it will do. Razor blade- can be used for many things, like sharpening wooden spears and operating on yourself (don’t try that, you can get disease…By: MattakersContinue Reading »
PACMAN and Cheese

Get some tiny shells from the store and boil them. Then make some homemade cheese sauce. After that is done, slice halfway through a hotdog longways and place in microwave. Cook on high for 1 minute or until the hotdogs puff up and separate. Then slice into little pac-man bites. Arrange on a plate a…By: Kdawg2013Continue Reading »
Sorunomes Knex Ball Machines

null This is the first ball machine i shared with the internet, and thus it is pretty basic. null This is the first ball machine I made instructions to. null I made this as an attempt to create a pretty small ball machine that is different from all the others you find. null This is, in …By: SorunomeContinue Reading »
Lego Business Card Holder with Magnetized Paperclip Holder

So this is my business card holder for work I made with Legos. I had thought of doing this awhile back then discovered Lego actually sells a business card holder set, it’s pretty cool, but why spend $15 when you can use just a (small) handful of Legos and make your own? Making the business card hol…By: heidio182Continue Reading »
Wine Bottle Cutting

You have various glassware in your house and you don’t know what to do with it. Well you can use a technique on the glassware to cut the wine bottle in various shapes and make your art. Here are the steps as follows: Step 1: Take your glassware and score it along whatever areas you want to create w…By: ajensen19Continue Reading »