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The following houses all have something in common: they look as if they’ve been taken out of a fairytale. They could easily fit into any Brothers Grimm story or fantasy movie, but still they are real. These little cottages located in several parts of the world, all have handmade details and are carefully crafted. They are not perfect, but they have something magical which makes you wonder how would it be to live in one of them. Some of them are tiny, some are spacious cottages and all are a delight to look at. So scroll down and let us take you into a fairytale, but one which is happening in the real world.

Casa dos Duendes in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo State, Brazil



Impressive Architecture in Zell, Germany

The materialisation of this house is a dream come true for the owner. This house was built in Germany, in the town called Zell and what is the most astonishing about it is the stone used in the whole design. It was built by Walter Andre and it looks as if it just got out from a fairytale …>>> more photos here <<<


Storybook architecture on the shores of Vancouver Island, Canada

On Canada’s Vancouver Island you will find a beautiful example of storybook architecture created by the hands of two creative natural builders Timothy Lindberg and musician Daniel Huscroft. Together they work as Lindcroft, a mixture of their names, building homes that must be the dream of many, a woodland fairytale house by the water’s edge… …>>> more photos here <<<



Isabella’s Little Pink House, Orlando, USA







Akebono kodomo-no-mori park – Hanno, Saitama, Japan



Hobbit House in Rotorua, New Zealand



Forest House, Efteling, The Netherlands





The Spadena House, Beverly Hills, California



Creative Home Design, Zakopane, Poland



The Doll House, Carmel, California





Wooden Cottage in Białka Tatrzańska, the Tatra Mountains, Poland




Cob house in Somerset, UK





Blaise Hamlet, Bristol, England