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Quantum Walks and Search Algorithms

This book addresses an interesting area of quantum computation called quantum walks, which play an important role in building quantum algorithms, in particular search algorithms. Quantum walks are the quantum analogue of classical random walks. It is known that quantum computers have great power for searching unsorted databases. This power extends to many kinds of searches, particularly to the problem of finding a specific location in a spatial layout, which can be modeled by a graph. The goal is to find a specific node knowing that the particle uses the edges to jump from one node to the nex

Reaction-Diffusion Automata : Phenomenology, Localisations, Computation

Reaction-diffusion and excitable media are amongst most intriguing substrates. Despite apparent simplicity of the physical processes involved the media exhibit a wide range of amazing patterns: from target and spiral waves to travelling localisations and stationary breathing patterns. These media are at the heart of most natural processes, including morphogenesis of living beings, geological formations, nervous and muscular activity, and socio-economic developments. This book explores a minimalist paradigm of studying reaction-diffusion and excitable media using locally-connected networks of

Meta-Programming and Model-Driven Meta-Program Development : Principles, Processes and Techniques

Meta-Programming and Model-Driven Meta-Program Development: Principles, Processes and Techniques presents an overall analysis of meta-programming, focusing on insights of meta-programming techniques, heterogeneous meta-program development processes in the context of model-driven, feature-based and transformative approaches. The fundamental concepts of meta-programming are still not thoroughly understood, in this well organized book divided into three parts the authors help to address this.


UNIX Operating System : The Development Tutorial via UNIX Kernel Services

UNIX Operating System: The Development Tutorial via UNIX Kernel Services – introduces the hierarchical structure, principles, applications, kernel, shells, development, and management of the UNIX operation systems multi-dimensionally and systematically. It clarifies the natural bond between physical UNIX implementation and general operating system and software engineering theories, and presents se
Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

​Many engineering, operations, and scientific applications include a mixture of discrete and continuous decision variables and nonlinear relationships involving the decision variables that have a pronounced effect on the set of feasible and optimal solutions. Mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) problems combine the numerical difficulties of handling nonlinear functions with the challenge o
Algorithmic Randomness and Complexity

Intuitively, a sequence such as 101010101010101010… does not seem random, whereas 101101011101010100…, obtained using coin tosses, does. How can we reconcile this intuition with the fact that both are statistically equally likely? What does it mean to say that an individual mathematical object such as a real number is random, or to say that one real is more random than another? And what is the
Soft Computing for Recognition based on Biometrics

We describe in this book, bio-inspired models and applications of hybrid intelligent systems using soft computing techniques for image analysis and pattern recognition based on biometrics and other information sources. Soft Computing (SC) consists of several intelligent computing paradigms, including fuzzy logic, neural networks, and bio-inspired optimization algo-rithms, which can be used to prod
Foundations for Efficient Web Service Selection

Foundations for Efficient Web Service Selection describes the foundational framework for efficient Web service selection. It lays out a theoretical underpinning for the design of models and algorithms for searching and optimizing access to Web services. This excellent book looks at the search problem from a broader perspective. Instead of narrowing down on a specific aspect or subproblem of servi
Handbook of Data Compression, 5th Edition

Data compression is such an important tool in modern computing that some researchers even suggest that all computing is compression! This comprehensive fifth edition of David Salomon’s highly successful reference, Data Compression, now fully reconceived under its new title, Handbook of Data Compression, is thoroughly updated with the latest progress in the field. This all-inclusive and user-friend
Handbook of Nature-Inspired and Innovative Computing : Integrating Classical Models with Emerging Technologies

As computing devices proliferate, demand increases for an understanding of emerging computing paradigms and models based on natural phenomena. Neural networks, evolution-based models, quantum computing, and DNA-based computing and simulations are all a necessary part of modern computing analysis and systems development. Vast literature exists on these new paradigms and their implications for a wid