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Home & Office : Dual Heated Travel Mug

Back in Stock! The Dual Heated Travel Mug is prepared to keep your coffee warm wherever you go. Plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter for heat on your long commute and your computer or USB hub at work. $14.99
T-Shirts & Apparel : European-Style Charm Bracelet

d20 Clip has arrived! Add it to your charm collection. Jewelry makes us happy, but only if we can find what we want. Jewelry that’s uniquely ours and that we can mix and match however we want makes us super happy. $12.99 – $39.99
Home & Office : Emulstir Salad Dressing Mixer

Go a little stir crazy with your salad. If you make salad dressing at home, you’re probably used to shaken, not stirred to achieve that emulsifying action. But now with a quick squeeze, you can spin this gadget’s 5 1/8″ long stir wand, whipping up your homemade concoctions smoothly and evenly. $14.99
T-Shirts & Apparel : ThinkGeek’s 2013 Halloween Shirt

Get your free shirt with $30 purchase while supplies last. When we created the art for this shirt, we didn’t intend it to be a tribute, but this shirt’s theme seems appropriate as a small tribute to the man who brought the NES to our shores – Hiroshi Yamauchi. Domo arigato, Yamauchi-san. $9.99
T-Shirts & Apparel : Firefly Kaylee’s Parasol Prop Replica

Parasols are for celebrating: weddings, second line, silly tropical drinks. Get in on the happy with Kaylee. It’s thrilling and heroic to be a Browncoat, but it’s all so brown. Sure, sometimes you just want to duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month, but occasionally you need a little spark of Kaylee in your life to brighten things up. $19.99
T-Shirts & Apparel : Better Call Saul

That’s not my tiger! Call Saul Goodman today. He’s not a non-attorney spokesman like so many of the men in those ads. Saul Good man is a real lawyer with real books and stuff, who can get you money! $19.99 – $21.99
Computer Stuff : Razer Tartarus Expert Gaming Keypad

Level up your game Bind all your preferred skills, macros, and hotkeys for a highly-personalized gaming experience. And then take them with you when you go put a beat down on your friends. $79.99