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In South Korea, a portable, tiny study room has recently become a popular commodity amongst Korean parents who want their children to remain focused when they are studying.

Designed and manufactured by South Korean environmentally-friendly furniture maker, Emok, it was unveiled in the South Korean market last year.

Named ‘Study Cube’, it is currently priced at approximately US$2,200.

According to Emok CEO Choi Ki-Ju, “Students can avoid distractions of staying at libraries with the Study Cube,” adding that “It will also help them focus on their studies more.”

As its name suggests, this ‘cube’ is so small that it only seats one. It is the size of a portable toilet and made entirely out of wood.

Some features of the Study Cube are its built-in desk, a bookshelf, whiteboard, LED light, power outlet, ventilation grill and more interestingly, a massage bar under the desk that serves as a footrest.

What do you think? Is this a great distraction-free option for students, or just too claustrophobic?

View more pictures of the Study Cube below: