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image1 1 Practical Storage System Hidden Understairs 

 Chiswick Woodworking Company completed an interesting and highly practical project consisting of several storage units that can be pulled out from under the stairs. This idea is not new, we presented quite a few similar projects here on Freshome. However, this time the finish is so cleverly executed and the units so well hidden, that we thought we had to share it with you for inspiration. In the photos below you have four different “lockers” and each of them can be accessed individually. We also appreciate the design of the storage devices: each of them futures diverse solutions, for the smallest objects and even large boxes, clothes, shoes and so on. The pulling mechanism is simple; this way anyone can have easy access to the items inside the “stairs” (children too). How do you make the most of your under-stairs space?

image1 2 Practical Storage System Hidden Understairs

image1 7 Practical Storage System Hidden Understairs

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