Find Additional Information, Videos on any Word or Phrase easily with Curiyo

How many times does it happen with you that you come across some word or phrase or some text that you are not aware of and then go to Google to search either its dictionary meaning, Wikipedia story, youtube video or may be a simple google translation? Well this is not new to me and I always tend to visit Google for the more info in a new tab. Although there are lot many tools that enables to get the synonyms or other info as a pop up, but in my view, nothing beats Curiyo.

Curiyo is an extension developed for Chrome and Firefox users that allow them to fetch detailed information about anything on the webpage in the form of text information, youtube videos, images, translations or even more. So whether it is the name of a famous place or a person you don’t know, or some word you came across for the first time, just highlight it and let Curiyo present the information right before you.


Additionally Curiyo also underlines some of the famous texts, or phrases by itself in the web page with dotted line so that you just have to click it to get the detailed information about it. This is more like suggestion from Curiyo and is not limited to the auto-linked texts. You can also highlight any text anytime for the analysis and let Curiyo find the information for you in a pop up that open right there without any need to go to a new tab.


If you see the screenshot showing the Curiyo tabs, you will see that you have lot many options to choose from, like Wikipedia, Translator, Youtube, images and Dictionary etc. Moreover it allows you to share the result on your social profiles like Twitter and Facebook too.


The pop up window that opens, also look quite easy to understand and has all the information displayed in a neat manner. Isn’t it a great way to find everything right before you, with just a click and without the need of searching every other website for information?

Curiyo is available for use in Chrome and Firefox, which you can download from below.

Download Curiyo for Chrome
Download Curiyo for Firefox

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