How to Find the IP Address of a Network Printer [Windows]

If you have more than one computer on your home or work network, you may sometimes need to know your Printer’s IP address. This static IP address is needed so that your printer can be seen on your network, and sometimes it may be needed for various tasks such as sharing your printer with other computers.

If you’re on a Windows computer, this is how you can find the IP address of a network printer.

1. In Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound and then Devices and Printers.

Note: This is not the only way to get to Devices on your computer. You can also search for it from the Start Menu in Windows 7 or from the Start Page in Windows 8. There may also be a shortcut to Devices and Printer on your Start Menu in Windows 7 – if you haven’t removed it.

Follow these steps to find your printer's IP address on your Windows computer.

2. Right-click on the appropriate printer in the list and select “Printer Properties.” In the location box under the General tab, you should see the IP address of the printer.

If the location box happens to be empty, click on the “Ports” tab in Printer Properties, highlight/select the port that is checked off (there should just be one) and click  the “Configure Port…” button. In the next window, you should see the IP address in the “Printer Name or IP Address” text box.

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