How to Generate Hard-to-Crack, Strong Passwords Online

In today’s online world, there is always a risk of getting your personal information stolen . The best way to protect your accounts and privacy online is to use hard-to-crack, strong passwords. What many people do is use their data of birth or another event, or a mixture of names of their siblings or loved ones as their password. The problem is these are the most simple and easy to crack passwords. You should always choose a password that is a mixture of both uppercase and lower case letters, special characters, numbers, etc.

The following are some tips and tools that can help you generate and remember strong passwords online.

The Internet is not a safe place anymore. Online services like Gmail and other websites offers extra layers of protection to its users to protect their accounts. One of the most important things I recommend to every reader is to enable Two-Factor authentication for all the accounts they operate. Google, Dropbox, Outlook, WordPress, Facebook all come with support for two-factor authentication.

In case the service you are using does not offer Two Factor Authentication, you should make sure that the password you are using is totally random, long and has a combination of letters and special characters.

Also make sure to never use any name or your location or other identifying words or phrases as your password because these are the most easy to guess. Even if you plan on using your relative’s name or your favourite place, make sure you include numbers or punctuation marks in it.


Lastpass is one of the best password management applications available right now. I am using it personally for my accounts with two-factor and grid authentication. Lastpass not only allows you to save and manage your passwords, it also allows you to generate hard-to-crack, strong passwords as well.

Sign up for an account on Lastpass and install the extension for your browser. After logging in to your account, just click on the Lastpass icon in your browser and click on Generate New Password. The password it generates is a mixture of random letters, numbers, etc., which can be automatically used in the password field. Later you can save that password in your Lastpass account so that you don’t have to remember it.


Password Bird

Password Bird is another handy online utility that allows users to create strong passwords. To get started, just enter the required fields with your favorite date, special word and special name, and it will automatically generate a strong password for you.


You can save it anywhere you want or save it using your browser’s password manager. If you don’t like the generated password, just click on the Make New Password button and it will generate a new password based on the same selection.


Password Savvy

Password Savvy is yet another handy online utility that can help users generate really strong passwords. Compared to PasswordBird, this service is better and generates stronger passwords. To generate passwords, point your browser to the Password Savvy homepage, enter the words you want to use in your passwords, change their order and it will automatically generate a strong password that you can remember and copy to your clipboard.



Unlike Password Savvy and PasswordBird, PassPlex is a very handy online tool to generate strong passwords. Rather than choosing your favorites names and words of interest, it asks you to select the length of the word and its complexity. Based on these two, it will generate a password. Always make sure that the password is long if you want to create a strong password.


Strong Password Generator

With Strong Password Generator, users can generate hard-to-crack passwords in a few simple clicks. Unlike the other tools mentioned above, all you have to do is select the number of letters you want to use in your password, and it will generate a strong password. You can even choose to include punctuation marks in your passwords.


After selecting the number of letters, just click on Generate New Password, and it will create it in seconds. The website even has tips to generate strong passwords, and as I said earlier in the post, make sure you never use your date of birth or similar info as your password.

While we cannot say that we can create a password that is impossible to crack, we should take all the extra precautions to make sure that it is difficult to crack. If you have any other suggestions for creating hard-to-crack, strong passwords online, let us know in the comments below.

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