10 Pallet Bed Ideas


3 hours ago


Making a bed out of pallets isn’t so much a fad anymore, but a usual practice in the interior design world. The simple utility of pallets have long time stepped from the industrial scale to the residential use, creatively making their way to the podium. There is no doubt that a bed frame made from pallets gives a feeling of space and freedom. If you are wondering what type of bed suits your home, stop the quest and choose the best from this various ideas to implement for a pallet bed.
You can opt for a classic simple DIY two pallet frame. With little effort and time spent on building what in the end is an important piece of furniture for your comfort, you could be the proud owner of a modern bed. Be creative and choose to build the type of pallet frame which can house medium size storage bins. And be as resourceful as you can by fashioning a headboard out of pallet as well. There are plenty of ideas you can skim through and find inspiration for your personal favorite. Prepare to drill and hammer a bit, and your improved bedroom is ready.