Creative Breakfast Ideas


2 hours ago


Nowadays people think of skipping what is probably the most important meal of the day (at least that’s what we’ve been tought growing-up), the breakfast. Even its name suggests we should get done with it in a fast way and get on with our day to day activities. This might be true, but if your life is also on a fast-lane consider making the first meal of the day something fun, if it isn’t going to be a calm and full range of dishes. Take a look at these pictures people all over the world have uploaded on the internet, so like-minded fun loving persons would use them as inspiration for their breakfast.


Choose the nutritious homemade egg and ham pan sandwich; it’s so much fun and not to mention less expensive than the one you can buy at a fast food. If you’re more of a romantic, try the hear shaped morning eggs. Like the previous mentioned idea, use bread as a template and bake away in a pan. Oh yeah, decorate with ketchup! But if you’re used to sweetening your day from early-on, use a round metal shape to cut the bread into body parts of a bear, which you will sequentially spread Nutella on. There are more complex ideas that you can put into practice, but they require a little more of your time (i.e. with the oven). Choose what works best with your taste and lifestyle.