Efficient Space Saving Option For Your Child’s Room
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A child’s room should be all about creativity, fun, and learning. That’s if you like your kid to grow up into a sharp and responsible young adult. So, the designing the space in which he or she will spent almost a third of the day is quite important. Give the room the space and fun it needs with this Bennington Low-Loftbunk bed with storage capacity. Designers behind this creative piece of furniture have incorporated a 5 drawer dresser and two storage bookcases with 3 shelves each, underneath a twin size bed. With a solid frame, made out of wood and metal connections, the product can easily hold any 6-year-old and its toy, clothes and books. Some assembly is required but by the time you installed it, your made the entire room spacious and ready for other creative activities. With natural, rosewood, and honey finishes, and a simple yet very useful design, the bed-dresser-bookcase from Bennington is a long-term commitment to the well-being of your young one.

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