Sixth Sense Motorcycle
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Creator Troy Turner
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The renowned Royal Enfield brand usually conjures thoughts of cafe racer, bullet-style bikes with retro aesthetics. Ditch what you know because the Royal Enfield Pioneer is anything but! Its futuristic styling unapologetically retains NONE of the Enfield’s classic styling… regardless, it’s a fresh look at the evolution of the e-motorcycle. Designed for new riders, its self-balancing system/autonomous riding mode give it a sort of “sixth sense” that helps train newbies and hone experienced rider’s skills.

Designer: Daniel Lars Gunnarsson

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By: [ET] Sixth Sense Motorcycle

[…] – We are more than just concepts. See what’s hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design! (Sixth Sense Motorcycle was originally posted on Yanko […]

By: Jan Erlandsen

Uncomfortable! What is the turning radius for this thing? What is the point of the tilting function? This makes me wonder if the designer has ever ridden a motorcycle…

By: De lo clásico a la vanguardia: Royal Enfield Pioneer concept eléctrica – – Blog y ventas

[…] | Yanko Design En Motorpasión Futuro | Hero ion Concept, un felino con batería litio aire y […]

By: no

mega nonsens, centrifugal force acts as a counterweight, if this man ever ride on a motorcycle?

By: brum brum

so made the wheels can be very dangerous in sharp bends when the hooks so “designed” rim, saddle for a maximum of 10 minutes’ drive? cool design but totally uncomfortable = a total misunderstanding rather than design

By: Alaor

Understanding motorcycles:


By: Motor elektrik ala Royal Enfield yang punya indera keenam..mumet-ndhase ga tuh yang menunggangi? |
By: Olaf

Interesting: All the motorcycle-related articles I remember here have received a rather negative feedback. And I too have to ask: Has the designer of this ever been riding a motorcycle? I doubt that he would do so for long on this one.

He would however not design something like this again, had he tried at least one longer ride.

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